Why Big Red Diary?
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1993 Latour Louis, Vosne-RomanéeJul. 2010
Medium mature, slightly mahogany colour. A little warmth of sweet undergrowth and a subliminal suggestion of Vosne spice, the last drops have a pretty acid red-cherry note. In the mouth this is sweetly fruited and has excellent balancing acidity. Medium concentrated with fully resolved tannin. The finish is freshly and understatedly sweet. More than ‘competent’ but not significantly more, there’s no wow factor. Tasty if a little simple…
2008 Latour Louis, Beaune Les PerrièresJul. 2010
A bright medium colour. Dark aromas of stones / stoned fruits that are ringed by a fine layer of sweetness – subtle and very pretty. There’s a hintof fat and a well-judged balance to the structure. Overall a rather understated but strikingly pretty wine. Maybe I should drink more Latour(!)
2006 Latour Louis, Beaune Vignes FranchesJul. 2010
Medium, medium-pale colour. Pretty floral notes float over sweet red fruit. Quite a fat texture with a little velvet then a burst of flavour in the mid-palate. This is really very good.
1989 Latour Louis, EchézeauxMay. 2010
The bottle is a heavy one – statement bottles are not just the current bling. The capsule spins and the cork comes out in almost 3 pieces – fortunately none into the bottle. On pouring there’s quite a mahogany caste to this wine, but it looks to retain a nice core of of clear red colour in the glass. The nose starts quite understatedly, a little sweet musk, low-level turned leaves – perhaps there’s something to be said for flash pasteurisation in killing the brett. Slightly thick texture, the acidity starts with a slighly harsh edge but I’m impressed by the burst of energy and flavour in the mid-palate. If I’m honest the acidity adds a touch of austerity rather than delivering a mortal wound, though I’m not convinced enough to splash the cash for the meaining bottle. The last third is consumed on day two and if not perfect, it’s just a little softened with a chocolate depth and it lingers well. I’d rebuy on day two…
2008 Latour Louis, Corton-CharlemagneApr. 2010
Forward, ripe yellow fruit aromas with a twist of oak. Slightly sweet and a little too soft in the middle, but much more cut through the mid-palate into the finish.
2002 Latour Louis, Corton Château Corton GranceyApr. 2010
I guess this must be Latour! Medium colour. Some warmth of red fruit, like the last a few herbs too. Some silk and plenty of power. Mineral flavours in the finish.
1999 Latour Louis, Pommard Les EpenotsMar. 2010
Fresh young fruit on the nose – it’s very pretty and precise. Lots of flavour dimension here. The tannins is less fine than many but the lovely mid-palate fruit slowly lingers. Super, but 10 years needed in the cellar…
2005 Latour Louis, Aloxe-Corton Les ChaillotsApr. 2009
Medium colour. Limited high tones but decent depth of sugary red fruit. Medium density, slightly astringent but very fine tannin plus a super expansion of fruit in the mid-palate. This is surprisingly long, though much of that flavour is slightly bitter oak-juice. It’s far from seamless but it’s ebulliant delivery has made a friend of me.
2005 Latour Louis, Gevrey-ChambertinDec. 2008
Medium-plus colour. The first sniff seems architypal Gevrey; dark fruit against an earthy, almost grainy nose. With open time it becomes higher toned with more red fruit, seems much softer if a little less interesting. Decent concentration and certainly it’s more red-fruited in the mouth. Good acidity and late appearing tannin with a little grain. Not the glossy fruit and concentration of many 2005 Gevreys, but at a decent price this is worth buying.
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