Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin La PrincéeDec. 2010
The nose has a depth of ripe fruit. Fuller than the 09 Remilly but with plenty of acidity at the core. A lovely, slow, mouth-watering finish.
2009 Lamy Hubert, Bourgogne Les ChatenièresDec. 2010
Depth of slightly candied ripe fruit. Good flavour and balance. The flavour develops in the mid-palate – this is quite nice.
2009 Lamy Hubert, Criots Bâtard-MontrachetDec. 2010
The nose has both depth and density – it is floral and quite distinguished. Full, concentrated and with an undercurrent of acidity; everything expanding further in the mid-palate bringing and extra depth. The length seems to have a stickiness – super-long – bravo!
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin La PrincéeDec. 2010
Fresher, quite pretty aromas – nice and clean. Given the extra padding there’s not the same freshness as the bourgogne, but a nice burst of flavour hits the mid-palate before slowly decaying into the finish.
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin Derrière Chez EdouardDec. 2010
Cuvée Haute Densité. The nose offers depth, but less than the Criots. But there is width and a higher toned less perfumed floral note – super. I would say that this has the perfume of a young woman – the Criots of her aunt! There is a full impression, but coupled to a very mineral width. Really intense without any interference from the acidity. Finishing on a long mineral note this is very, very different to the Criots. Blind, I think you could easily be persuaded that this is a very good Chevalier!
2009 Lamy Hubert, Puligny-Montrachet Les TremblotsDec. 2010
Young vines. A classic, herby Chassagne nose. There is good freshness with a flavour that opens out and fills the mid-palate. Good wine.
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin Clos des MeixDec. 2010
There’s a hint of baked bread against the ripe and warm fruit but below remains fresh. Really good mid-palate intensity and a lovely finish – super wine.
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin Derrière Chez EdouardDec. 2010
Fresher, agrumes – very pretty. There’s CO2 so maybe the wine’s not as fresh and intense as it first appears, but there’s very good length – nice wine.
2009 Lamy Hubert, St.Aubin Les FrionnesDec. 2010
Floral, faintly perfumed, fresh and very, very pretty. There’s a little more weight of fruit flavour and lovely freshness and length. Not as fresh as the Clos des Meix but long and mineral-edged.
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