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2008 Jaffelin, Beaune Sur Les GrèvesFeb. 2011
Medium-colour. Instantly the nose is overwhelmed by toasty oak – you have no other pointers – I left the wine in the glass for 20 minutes before returning. On my return the oak is a bit more manageable, finally there are some high tones that might one day aspire to something more perfumed and at least a suggestion of fruit below – even a kind of iodine note found on older whites. Likewise the first taste was sweet oak-water – perhaps pinot but nothing to indicate Burgundy. The texture is very smooth – certainly executive tannins – good balance, indeed the sweet oak gives the impression that the acidity is rather low – in a 2008! I eventually warmed a little to the nose and even a little more to the flavours where there is both depth and a certain density, but on day 1, frankly I find – n o t h i n g – to indicate Burgundy! Shame, but hold your breath; I’ll leave it for day 2, meanwhile I’ll take a glass of Bourgogne Blanc… Day two and the oak-toast on the nose is reduced to a little ash against high-toned, almost floral notes. Fills the mouth, still with plenty of volume and sweetness but there seems a heartbeat of energy from the acidity this time. Quite drinkable and I would say quite tasty on day two. Beaune? – I can’t say – I’d anyway buy the 07 in preference.
2002 Jaffelin, Bourgogne BlancNov. 2004
Pale colour. The nose is high-toned and quite clean. Simple but pleasant palate with absolutely nothing to object to. Quite nice.
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