Why Big Red Diary?
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1998 Guyon Antonin (Hyppolite Thevenot), Corton-CharlemagneDec. 2010
Deep colour. One sniff of the nose and I’m smiling; there are the lanolin aromas of an even older wine, and perhaps the merest suggestion of something oxidativebut it’s an interesting complexity – no more – so no complaints. Good acidity and nice intensity too – actually the flavour is very long too. There isn’t the seemless, smooth-ness of a very good vintage but this is a very nice drink. I don’t recommend the odds of taking a replacement bottle, but I’ll happily accept what this one offers.
1998 Guyon Antonin (Hyppolite Thevenot), Corton Clos du RoyApr. 2006
Medium-plus ruby-red. When cold, this is wide and fresh with good purity. As it warms there is a touch of herb and the fruit has a more jammy edge. The tannin seems a little more prevalent when cold, linear, expanding into a very long finish. Warmer, it is fatter, the tannin sits better and the acidity is just right. Not a great grand cru, but it’s tasty and almost good value.
2000 Guyon Antonin (Hyppolite Thevenot), Corton-CharlemagneMar. 2006
Medium yellow, looks quite young. The nose is lovely – textbook Charlemagne – wide, deep and dense with hints of agrumes against white blossom. Starts with a punch a grows even more in the mouth before slowly fading. Almost good acidity with good purity and intensity from the fruit. I’d have preferred a touch more sweetness, but this wine should now be left for is more savoury future. A good Charlemagne.
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