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2009 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Starts a hint musty (the glass?) but becomes sweet and creamy. I returned to it after the rest of the whites – no must – I’m sure it’s the glass. Nice enough wine and there’s an unexpectedly good finish – would be a decent choice!
2007 Grivault Albert, Meursault Clos des PerrièresOct. 2010
The aromas are a little more advanced, but if anything this is slightly reduced. The flavours are super though – an extra roundness versus any of the ‘straight’ Perrières.
2008 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Higher-toned. There’s more density too, but still a hint of must dovetails with the sweet fruit. Lovely flavours; the richer sweetness of 2008 mixed with its super acidity – I like!
2008 Grivault Albert, Pommard Le Clos BlancOct. 2010
Medium colour. High-toned, with very pretty red berries. There is a background of good tannin and good acidity – all well balanced. Medium-weight, very detailed and pretty wine!
2007 Grivault Albert, Bourgogne BlancOct. 2010
Also still some must. Lovely sweet flavours again, and despite vintage the acidity is rather understated. Almost good this.
2007 Grivault Albert, Pommard Le Clos BlancOct. 2010
Medium colour. Riper fruit, but not too ripe – it’s a nice fruit conserve aroma. It needs some air to help it come together, but the individual parts are very good.
2009 Grivault Albert, MeursaultOct. 2010
The aromas are clean and very pretty. Balanced, ripe and a lovely mid-palate expansion of flavour. Good length too – this is quite impressive.
2008 Grivault Albert, MeursaultOct. 2010
Wider aromas with hints of herbs and in the background there’s something more savoury. This again bursts forward in the mid-palate after a flatter entry.
2007 Grivault Albert, MeursaultOct. 2010
Wide, again with herbs, tightening to offer a fine focus. This has a very creamy mid-palate. I have to say, this is very, very good!
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