Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Giroud Camille, Bourgogne Cuvée LMar. 2012
Medium-plus colour. Ooh, depth, silky fruit and hints of violets. The texture starts with silk but quickly changes as the ripe tannin shows its face. Plenty of fruit and some minerality in the mid-palate too. Very good length. Clearly this is significantly above the standard suggested by the label, but given the contents of the bottle that’s surely no surprise. Another ‘Bourgogne’ that begs time to mature…
2009 Giroud Camille, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les PeuilletsFeb. 2012
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose shows quite some powdery aspects but with flashes of fresh raspberry fruit, occasional barrel-notes too. In the mouth there is a really nice balance of fruit, acidity and concentration – a little CO2 exacerbates the tannin making it a little raspy and rustic to start with – you need an hour-plus for the gas to fade – soon it becomes smooth and the extra depth of fruit flavour then comes to the fore. The flavours are long, with some fruit mouth-watering fruit elements but majors on a mineral, stony fruit. A wine to wait for.
2009 Giroud Camille, CortonFeb. 2012
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is at first reticent but the array of pretty red and black fruits is certainly enticing. Eventually there’s a more savoury soil note which isn’t so nice – I hope that’s just a phase. Silky entry, with good freshness. There is a wiry strength to this, linear until the flavours grow in the mid-palate then decay in a subtle but long finish. Overall this has quite a mineral personality and largely submerged tannins – but it’s certainly less involving than the 2008 was at this time last year. A good wine but with a question-mark over the aromatics…(?)
2008 Giroud Camille, Bourgogne Cuvée LOct. 2010
Stood up in the cellar for 4 days before opening – it wasn’t enough to make the wine shiny bright. Medium, medium-plus colour, The nose has a wild young-wine freshness and immediacy, given an hour or so there is a direct and perfect raspberry note. In the mouth this is wide, very complex, sweet and cushioned. The acidity has a a bit of a leading edge of sharpness (perhaps exacerbated by the suspended material?) but the padding largely covers it. Good length and very tasty right now, in fact in the right circumstances you might be forgiven for thinking it a much higher AOC. This bottle found many friends…
1990 Giroud Camille, Nuits St.Georges Les PerrièresJul. 2010
The aromas are deep and just a hint musky, below lies very young fruit. This is full-bodied – there is still plenty of tannin. Really good dimension – this has a full and very outgoing personality that jumps out of the glass – clearly very impressive.
2007 Giroud Camille, Beaune AvauxJul. 2010
Medium colour. Ripe red fruits with hints of coffee and minerality. Wide with a little more acid balance after the Cras if not the same density. A very pretty wine.
1976 Giroud Camille, Gevrey-Chambertin Lavaux St.JacquesJul. 2010
The nose seems a little fecal though opens up in a glorious polished leather way. Sweet fruit, still some tannin too. This is forward, showing plenty of volume and balance – it is also very long. Not a hint of fading I assume – I didn’t taste it 20 years ago ;-)
2007 Giroud Camille, Beaune Aux CrasJul. 2010
Medium colour. The nose delivers warm, slightly creamy red fruits. Width, warmth, plush, unctuous mid-palate. Very tasty though after an 08 you will miss some acidity.
2008 Giroud Camille, Corton-CharlemagneJul. 2010
There is a hint of pineapple to the nose – against a creamy background. There is width here that seems to keep expanding! Very good intensity. Nicely long. A remarkably approachable Charlemagne for such a baby!
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