Why Big Red Diary?
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2003 Girardin Vincent, Corton-CharlemagneFeb. 2010
Medium-plus yellow. The nose is dense and ripe at the core, but a mix of floral and savoury notes makes this quite complex and interesting. In the mouth there’s decently textured impact and good mid-palate dimension. It doesn’t really seem to want for acidity. Tasty enough that the bottle didn’t last very long!
2001 Girardin Vincent, Puligny-Montrachet CombettesFeb. 2010
A wine of gunflint and latent savoury oak, lean yet still balanced. The oak means that it’s not my favourite style but it pleased many around the table with it’s straightforward, savoury approach.
2003 Girardin Vincent, Chevalier-MontrachetFeb. 2010
And what an impressive bottle – and I mean the bottle – a super-deep punt and heavy glass. On pouring, nothing untoward on the colour, but the nose has the first whiffs of oxidation – annoying rather than destructive. Across the palate this is certainly balanced enough and displays a generous extra mass versus the 03 Girardin Charlemagne, the texture is good too. Unfortunately this is linear and young – tasty but little overt complexity – just what you don’t want to hear after the oxidative hints on the nose. That’s a shame, as non-oxidising bottles won’t be anywhere near peaking in the next 5 years…
2006 Girardin Vincent, Santenay Les CharmesJul. 2009
Medium-plus cherry-red with purple reflections. Soft, dark cherry fruit, a hint alcoholic but initially just missing some depth – that definitely improves with time. Very good intensity. Whilst there are none of the obvious oak characters, there is an ashy accent to the fruit. Just a little lift to the acidity and indeed the mid-palate where there’s just a hint of gas (that’s probably the reason). The finish that falls away relatively quickly. For most of the bottle I thought this a ’so what?’ wine, but the last half of the last glass was quite engaging.
2001 Girardin Vincent, Puligny-Montrachet CailleretsJul. 2009
Medium gold. The nose majors on a residue of toasty oak and fainter gun-flint aromas. The bottle lasted under an hour, but was actually becoming less interesting with time. After the younger wines of the previous day, this is significantly more mineral and wiry framed. Good acidity and density, yet the flavours do reflect the aromas. Complex for sure but I never really warmed to it – that’s a pure style judgement, so whilst I wouldn’t buy it again for me, I certainly wouldn’t tell you not to.
2005 Girardin Vincent, Santenay Les CharmesApr. 2009
Medium-plus ruby-red colour. The nose started blocky with a little dark oak and roasted dark fruit – a little uncouth – but five minutes in the glass and it is transformed with very pretty flashes of red and black fruits. In the mouth it starts in a similar fashion; muddled dark fruits and oak but quite silky. This improves no end, though never becoming as captivating as the nose. Smooth dark fruit and an ever-present but not unfriendly dark oak flavour as undertow. Smooth and easy drinking once it’s open.
2003 Girardin Vincent, Corton-CharlemagneApr. 2009
Deeper yellow. The nose is dense and more obviously displays ripe fruit. In the mouth it’s well textured, even slightly oily, and suddenly widens to great effect in the mid-palate. A perfect wine for sipping alone – it just needs a little extra acidity to lift it to the next level – but finishes well.
2006 Girardin Vincent, Bourgogne Pinot Noir Vieilles VignesDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The nose is fruity, a little gassy and smells like cheap Beaujolais. Sweetly ripe, quite well balanced with a small edge of dissolved gas. Good length. Tastes like Beaujolais. Rock-stable for 2 hours.
2003 Girardin Vincent, Bourgogne Emotion de TerroirsNov. 2005
Medium-plus cherry red. The nose starts quite 2003 in style, but gradually becomes a little more high/toned with violets. Good density and concentration. The tannins retain a little fur, the fruit being diffuse but mainly red. The acidity is just enough. Another impressive 03 bourgogne, even if the last glass seems a little tiring to drink. Poorer value vs the Bouchard, Giroud and Chanson.
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