Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Germain Henri, MeursaultSep. 2011
From two parcels; racked once, just before the harvest. Very pretty high-toned aromas that are supported in the manner of classic gingerbread Meursault. Fresh and involving despite a level of understatement – at least relative to the nose. The flavour holds beautifully.
2010 Germain Henri, Meursault CharmesSep. 2011
When I asked if this was from the upper or lower part of the vineyard – the reply came back; somewhere in the middle, but facing Puligny! This also shows the high tones but underpinned with a core of powerful yellow-skinned fruit. This has both energy and some minerality. Bravo!
2010 Germain Henri, Meursault PerrièresSep. 2011
Here the nose is wide with a slightly waxy impression against reflexions of green-skinned fruit. There is a little CO2 that unfortunately hides the full potential of this wine but there is good freshness and excellent complexity. I’m sure it will be super.
2010 Germain Henri, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotSep. 2011
A parcel that came from Henri’s wife – a Pillot of Chassagne. The nose is full and forward, sweet-lined Chassagne with a clear note of bright fruit. Mouth-filling with lovely acidity – Yum.
2009 Germain Henri, Meursault ChevalièresSep. 2011
High-toned, quite pretty aromas. After the (2010) premier crus this is less direct and focused, yet it oozes flavour across your tongue. Quite decent acidity too.
2009 Germain Henri, Meursault Le LimozinSep. 2011
Here is a much more frank fruit note. Fresh, with fine acidity though again there is less absolute focus versus the 2010s. Mouth-watering flavour of green-skinned fruit – lovely wine.
2009 Germain Henri, Meursault CharmesSep. 2011
Pungent Meursault character edged with some higher tones – am I going to like this? Again, commendably fresh so with good energy. Strong finishing flavour – lovely!
2009 Germain Henri, Chassagne-Montrachet MorgeotSep. 2011
Chassagne herbs interspersed with flashes of wood-spice. This is certainly more mineral than the Charmes, mouth-watering too. The intensity of flavour grows with the acidity delivering you into a finish of fine flavour.
2010 Germain Henri, Beaune BressandesSep. 2011
Beautiful floral aroma lifts from the glass, supported by a pure red base. Round and wide yet the flavour grows; there’s a dark undertow of fruit before finishing with a mineral edge. Lovely!
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