Why Big Red Diary?
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2003 Gelin Pierre, Gevrey-Chambertin Clos des MeixvelleAug. 2007
Medium colour. A deep nose of latent oak and faint reduction, slowly revealing faint herbs and interesting if not too obvious over-ripe elements. In the mouth it’s intense with furry tannins and surprises with a very impressive length. There’s a faint bitternes, probably form the tannins, but overall quite an impressive 2003.
2004 Gelin Pierre, Gevrey-Chambertin Clos des MeixvelleAug. 2007
Medium colour. Cedar on the nose against a finer, if more obscured background. Good texture, plenty of velvety tannin and very good acidity. Again this is very long – mainly it’s just fresher than the 2003.
2005 Gelin Pierre, Gevrey-Chambertin Clos des MeixvelleAug. 2007
Medium-plus colour. The nose is dense with herbal elements – bouquet garni – above pleasing black-shaded fruit. Compared to the previous wines, this has a real ‘executive’ texture and depth. The finish lingers well, shaded with black olive form the oak. This is very good.
2003 Gelin Pierre, Fixin Clos NapoléonAug. 2007
The nose first shows oak, but it is less obvious than the 2003 Gevrey and more fruit-driven. This is a real mouthful of wine – it burrows into your palate – lots of grainy texture. Quite a good length, but overall just a little more rustic than the the 2003 Meivelle
2004 Gelin Pierre, Fixin Clos NapoléonAug. 2007
Cedar on the nose – it’s fresh but very green shaded (today). In the mouth there’s good concentration and a velvety texture – much more refinement than the 2003. The herbal aspect is to the fore here on the palate too. The length is good, but at this stage this 04 demands time in the cellar.
2005 Gelin Pierre, Fixin Clos NapoléonAug. 2007
Understated dark oak on the nose, width and a slowly developing red note. Plenty of velvet tannin here and the oak remains a subtle undertow to the rest of the flavours. It’s fresh, long and quite structured, in fact that structure is today a little in the ascendent, but this seems to have enough material to provide a longer-term balance.
1998 Gelin Pierre, Fixin Clos NapoléonApr. 2007
Medium ruby-red colour. The nose starts very subdued, only slowly starts to take on a more tertiary, slightly alcoholic edge – eventually becomes quite interesting. The palate is well textured with super acidity and impressive mid-palate concentration – if it had any astringent tannin in its youth then it’s already melted. It’s ready now and I’m sure it will hold for a few years more, it’s just a little Gevrey in style and very well priced.
1999 Gelin Pierre, Fixin Clos NapoléonJul. 2004
Medium / medium-plus ruby red colour. There’s super depth on the nose with very pure plum and cherry fruit. Excellent balance, with good acidity and well covered tannin – again nice purity to the fruit – long too. This is a good example and is very tasty even today!
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