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2002 Gaunoux Jean-Michel, Meursault PerrièresMar. 2006
Medium lemon-yellow. Initially the nose is rather tight and undemonstrative, you really need at least 30 minutes of ‘breathing’ before things become interesting – then you have a much wider and indeed classic profile – quite lovely and fresh, citrus infused high toned fruit. The palate will not win an award for density, but it is as well textured as it is balanced and shows a very nice burst of concentrated interest on the mid-palate. The finish is reasonably long. Overall it’s a nicely mineral wine, both enjoyable and worthy, if not a class-leading Perrières.
2001 Gaunoux Jean-Michel, Meursault Les PerrièresMar. 2003
Pale yellow. Subdued nose. Much more mineral and nervous than the ‘Goutte d’Or’. Seems a little one-dimensional though – until you hit the finish which comes with a lovely burst. Very good.
2001 Gaunoux Jean-Michel, Meursault La Goutte d'OrMar. 2003
Pale yellow. Reticent nose with background toast. More fruit than the last wine. Acidity is okay. Almost good.
2001 Gaunoux Jean-Michel, MeursaultMar. 2003
Pale yellow. High toned, understated nose. Good volume in the mouth and nice acidity – hard to find the fruit though!
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