Why Big Red Diary?
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2010 Gambal Alex, Chambolle-Musigny Les CharmesOct. 2018
Brilliant, medium-red. The nose starts with a suggestion of reduction, a hint of something spiced too. Wide, multi-dimensional, excellently vibrant wine – Ooh! – I wasn’t expecting the juiciness and excellence of that after such a modest nose! There’s a touch of oak at the start but it’s soon gone. Not an exciting nose, but the rest is very much exciting – yum!
2009 Gambal Alex, Bourgogne ChardonnayMar. 2012
The nose is rather rich for the appellation, showing a little brioche and with a swirl some ripe fruit. More than a hint of minerality and with a nice initial acidity before filling out in a richer vernacular. It does taste very nice but from the mid-palate onwards I’d just like a hint more acidity. I have to say, the wine was easily despatched, and Alex was right it is very tasty, but based on the mid-palate and finish I would probably would look elsewhere when it comes to re-stocking the cellar – probably to the 2010 now the 2008s are exhausted!
2009 Gambal Alex, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienMar. 2012
After the 2010 Bouton, this has a little brioche on the nose with higher-toned, faintly agrume fruit. There is more depth and concentration than apparent in the Bouton, if slightly less acidity – so there doesn’t seem to be quite the intensity – but there remains despite the extra richness, balance, and more to contemplate. Very good wine, but then it should be for twice the price of the Bouton ;-) Still an easy rebuy for me.
2008 Gambal Alex, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienMar. 2011
Soft, vanilla accented aromas of fresh fruit. Just a little smoothness of texture, lovely flavours, slightly linear, with balanced intensity then a lingering finish. Few words, but alround excellent wine!
2009 Gambal Alex, Puligny-MontrachetMar. 2011
High-toned, with hints of pineapple. Padded but with good complexity – quite nice.
2009 Gambal Alex, Bourgogne Pinot Noir Les Deux PapisMar. 2011
A few herba son the nose. This is a mouth-filling bourgogne with plenty of lingering flavour. There’s a little grainy tannin but overall very pretty.
2009 Gambal Alex, Chorey-lès-BeauneMar. 2011
A faint reduction on the nose. Supple with some fruit flavour leaching from the tannin. The fruit slowly, slowly begins to assert itself – far from facile – a good prospect in six months.
2009 Gambal Alex, Savigny-lès-Beaune Vieilles VignesMar. 2011
From the assembly tank. Very round with a dark, depth of fruit – lovely. Likewise in the mouth, round and begging to be drunk – like an eager to please puppy. Yum!
2009 Gambal Alex, Fixin BlancMar. 2011
The nose is a little savoury. This is quite nice; there’s a punch to the flavour and nice, slightly sweet tropical fruit – yet with balance.
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