Why Big Red Diary?
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2004 Gagnerot Evelyne, BourgogneMar. 2006
Deeply coloured for a burgundy of any appellation. The nose is quite glossy over sweet cherry fruit. In the mouth this manages to be reasonably well balanced; well concentrated but with slightly unripe tannins. Still there’s currently enough extract to buffer it, so almost good today, but I wouldn’t be looking to save any in the cellar.
2003 Gagnerot Evelyne, Beaune Les ReverséesMar. 2006
Deep colour. The nose is not to my taste, porty, meaty and overcooked. Sweet fruit is paired to grainy tannin with some acidity on the finish. The tannins could be a little unripe, but that’s not so easy to tell given the concentration of the fruit. Anyway ungainly and I found it quite hard to drink.
2004 Gagnerot Evelyne, Bourgogne BlancNov. 2005
Already rather advanced colour – medium golden. The nose starts a little sherbety, but soon becomes more subdued and subtle. Instantly this is very drinkable, the acidity is a little harsh and perhaps a little unripe, but there’s just about sufficient sweetness to buffer – like sucking on a grapefruit, but very refreshing. The last half of the bottle was left overnight in the fridge and became almost undrinkable – now like sucking a lemon! I didn’t dislike the first mouthfuls but in no way could recommend what followed – I would get this drunk this over the next 12 months.
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