Why Big Red Diary?
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2008 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
A little herb on the aromas. A rich yet balanced palate, the flavour continuing to build after you spit – always a good sign! It also lingers with more minerality than I was expecting. Lovely.
2007 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
A hint fresher aromas, perhaps framed with a little cream. This has a gorgeous balance and lingers well. That was the right word – gorgeous.
2006 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
Just a little more aromatic richness. Again there is a richness to the palate, whilst not to the wine’s detriment I might want for a little more elegance. For me just a little acid-shy – directly after the 2007 anyway!
2005 Fichet Jean-Philippe, MeursaultOct. 2010
I tighter core of riper fruit. This has that typical 2005 richness, but I find the balancing acidity doing a better job than in the 2006 and indeed many from 2005. The mid-palate flavours continue to grow. I think this could be really very good but it will need more time than most.
2005 Fichet Jean-Philippe, Bourgogne RougeApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour – actually a very bright red. Wide and round, quite fresh aromas with sweet fruit and bouquet-garni too. Today the acidity is bright, providing a slight metallic edge to the flavour, but it also pushes the mouth-watering flavours much longer. The texture is smooth and though the concentration is not amazing in the context of 2005 it is way above average in the context of regionals from other vintages. I’m not overly concerned by the bright acidity as many wines from 05 are starting to show in that way, a super bourgogne.
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