Why Big Red Diary?
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1990 Faiveley Joseph, Corton Clos des Cortons FaiveleyMay. 2012
Medium-plus colour – not exactly a spring chicken but doesn’t look its 20 years old either. Some forest floor notes, impressive depth too, some of the notes hinting at old wood. There’s still an undercurrent of chewy tannin, and very good acidity – all the wine’s texture coming from the tannin. You have the impression the flavour will be only medium length, before a powerful reprise of old vanilla and other barrel notes erupts from the depth – becomes exceptionally long, even showing a little dark red fruit. Impressive, indeed compelling stuff, though arguably not that friendly, I might even say young – a wine for the next 30 years…
2008 Faiveley Joseph, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. High-toned red, close to orange confiture fruits at the first sniff. Eventually the nose delivers very pretty red berries. Beautiful texture – just off-fat. Intense with extra hints of cream to the fruit in the mid-palate. Not a wine that delivers fireworks in the mid-palate, rather one whose flavours just keep going on and on.
2007 Faiveley Joseph, Chambolle-Musigny Les FuéesAug. 2010
Medium colour. Plenty of wood frames the first aromas, but it’s transient as swirling releases higher-toned fruit that’s almost floral over a deeper, darker more classic base. Not the seamless texture of their 2008, the tannin stands slightly to the side and offers a bitter-chocolate edge, but the flavours are excellent and complex – they only miss the clarity of the 2008.
2006 Faiveley Joseph, Nuits St.Georges Les Porrets St.GeorgesFeb. 2010
I’d love to be able to recommend this wine (after all I bought some!) but today is not the day to tell you if it is, or will be, any good. Today it is a complete waste of money – aromatically dumb, narrow on the palate and showing a very limited flavour profile. It is a wine that is a perfect exemplar of the the oft-used descriptor – closed. This is so closed that it’s even rolled down the shutters. For those that are still reading, the texture is silky and the balance is fine, there is even a hint of intensity, but today MIA… Day two and there’s hint of dark cherry and damson on the nose – wow – careful, I’m almost starting to enjoy it!
2007 Faiveley Joseph, Corton Clos des Cortons FaiveleyApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour. Slightly herbal araomas. In the mouth there’s a higher level of concentration and intensity. It’s starting to show some sous-bois and savoury notes. A little bitter chocolate on the finish and plenty of astringency that clings to your gums. Certainly quite interesting, but way too young.
2007 Faiveley Joseph, Nuits St.Georges Les Porets St.GeorgesApr. 2009
Medium cherry red. The nose is a little diffuse though slowly tightens in the glass and shows hints of vanilla. Wide, fresh and with very interesting depth. This is long too. It’s not a wine of impact, rather one with layers of interest.
2005 Faiveley Joseph, Volnay SantenotsDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. The nose is not exactly effusive, but it has quite some depth of dark dried fruits and a more herbal top note. Very good texture then quickly a grainy tannin builds and the acidity seems just an afterthought – yet perfectly draws you into the finish. The mid-palate flavour and finish are cracking – intense and very long – chocolate and a little strawberry shaded oak tannin is the diminuendo. Not as typically brutal as the Lafon version, nor indeed what you might expect from Faiveley, but a super wine.
1964 Faiveley Joseph, Vosne-RomanéeNov. 2005
Pale amber colour though there’s still some redness at the core. Estery and leathery nose that retains sweetness and a high-tone fruit element. Plenty of acidity and a rather slender figure to be sure, but the texture is still good and there is a more-than interesting length. A wine that is still alive and despite the acidity becoming dominant it is interesting and still quite drinkable – provided you keep away from the considerable sediment!
1988 Faiveley Joseph, Corton Clos des Cortons FaiveleyJul. 2005
Medium-pale ruby red. Sweet older nose of complex red fruit and wood. There’s also a fabulous burst of fruit on the palate. Despite good acidity and tannins, nothing seems to be melding together all that well – nice parts but not a team performance.
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