Why Big Red Diary?
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2006 de Villaine A&P, Bouzeron BlancApr. 2008
High-toned fruit on the nose. Lovely acidity that carries fresh, sweet fruit into a medium finish. A very pretty and understated wine. Lovely
2000 de Villaine A&P, Mercurey Les MontotsMar. 2006
Medium colour – a ruby-red core which fades at its limits. The nose is bold, ripe and sweet, but then goes through a 10 minute phase where I suspect taint, 10 minutes later plum predominates for before becoming a little more diffuse. Needs some aeration for the palate to even-out, but then we have a relatively low acidity, silky and sweet wine, but with that faint edge of taint…
1998 de Villaine A&P, Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise La DigoineMar. 2003
Light ruby with definite hints of maturity – looks quite ‘fragile’ in the glass. The nose is relatively muted with strawberries and raspberries pushing through the undergrowth. The palate is a lovely thick and sweet thing with red berry fruits dominating. Perfect acidity and almost resolved tannin. This wine is only spoiled by a slight bitterness to the palate. Starting to drink nicely now, hopefully the bitterness will diminish, though to be fair it’s much less obvious with food.
1998 de Villaine A&P, Mercurey Les MontotsDec. 2002
Mr DRC himself from his private estate. Medium ruby colour, slightly browner at the rim. Nose for the first few moments has some oak, but this is quickly gone, replaced by very strong fruit, black rather than red, with some blueberry. The palate is sweet with great cherry & damson fruit. Good but a tad harsh acidity coupled with nice length. The tannins suggest that I’m drinking this far too young. Given the piercing fruit on both the nose and palate, I’d suggest this is fine rather than merely good, but wait at least 3 years to re-taste.
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