Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Cornu, Pernand-VergelessesNov. 2011
The nose has top and bottom notes; faint pyrazines at the top and warm red fruit below – it’s narrow rather than wide today. In the mouth this is warm and quite concentrated – very tasty indeed. There is decent balance here, I might ask for a hint more acidity but that’s ‘borderline’. Very nice wine, and good value too.
2009 Cornu, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotNov. 2011
Medium colour. Very pretty high tones on the nose, below it seems tighter but some pretty strawberry notes escape from the glass. Fuller and rounder than you expect from the modest colour – very good red fruit flavours.
2007 Cornu, CortonNov. 2011
3-4,000 bottles a year from 0.6 hectares of old vines (70 years) spread between Marechaudes and Rognet et Corton. High-toned red fruit aromas – just slightly roast fruit – seems quite fresh though. Mouth-filling and shows really impressive width, again some pretty fruit here. Good finish!
2008 Cornu, CortonNov. 2011
A very round personality to the fruit here – both the aromas and flavours. Nice balance with a fresh crunchy aspect to the fruit – nice.
2009 Cornu, CortonNov. 2011
Wide and very engaging aromas that blend high and bass notes. Lovely wine here; understated yet complex – needs a bit more acidity? – it is anyhow complex and contemplative. A wine to curl-up with!
2007 Cornu, Ladoix Le Bois RoussotFeb. 2010
Medium colour. The nose has a little oaky vanilla and a mineral infused but faint red fruit. Nice soft texture backed by an oak-spiced red fruit. There’s width and complexity in the mid-plate, but the density could be better considering that this is a 1er cru. Day two and the oak is much less prominent, though the acidity is less soft. Quite nice overall – for now, decant for an hour and drink on day one.
2006 Cornu, CortonDec. 2008
Medium colour. Width, density and poise, really super fruit on the nose. Fine tannin coats good fruit. Fades just a little faster than expected in the finish, but this is a very polished package.
2005 Cornu, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les SaucoursApr. 2008
Medium, medium-pale cherry-red, hints of purple. The nose has a wide red-fruited conserve impression. Entry in the mouth is narrow, swiftly widening into the mid-palate where the acidity comes through late coupled to a extra creamy vanilla dimension. This a beautifully detailed, light-bodied with all-but absent tannin, and it’s a very fine villages wine. It’s delicious right now but with the balance to gracefully age
2003 Cornu, CortonApr. 2007
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red colour. A soft and dusty fruit nose, red fruit, some cream and relatively modest toasty/spicy oak – eventually coffee/mocha overtones. On the palate the ripe fruit is a little oak-marked, and that oak is slightly bitter and for a while dominates the quite long finish. Slowly some creamy fruit comes through, eventually aeration provides a nice balance.
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