Why Big Red Diary?
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2005 Clair Francoise et Denis, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienMar. 2010
The aromas start in a surprisingly floral/perfumed vein, slowly becoming more sedate with a faintly ripe yellow fruit and there are still hints of the almonds of it’s youth. Dense and ripe flavours that finish with a little agrumes. There’s plenty of fat and just enough acidity to balance. Certainly a very rich performance but very drinkable after a little aeration. I normally have in mind feminine adjectives with white wines, but there’s a builder’s muscle in here.
2005 Clair Francoise et Denis, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienDec. 2009
A young, relatively pale lemon-yellow. Slow to open, but eventually quite round aromas that are perhaps a little alcoholic at the top-end, with ripe fruit and a hint of almond. The impression in the mouth is of a wine that’s become rather four-square, dense, and not all that giving. It’s clearly fresh enough and has a good core of concentration. The length is still decent in a savoury way. I don’t normally hold with whites closing down, but this is certainly quite dumbed-down versus its release.
2004 Clair Francoise et Denis, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienDec. 2009
Last tasted April 2007 it was quite okay, today there starts a hint of mirepoix (2004 character) but it’s wrapped in a little cream so it’s far from offensive, it’s there in the finish too. Right now it’s been open for 30 minutes and aromatically it’s much more pronounced yet somehow mollified by the lemon/cream that partly moves it towards a mushroom note. The finish is much stronger tasting, but the sweet/acid of this wine carries the flavour much better than a dry red would. I left half this bottle for day 2 – the aromas are now more about white burgundy than the ‘2004 character’, the flavour in the mid-palate is, however, a consistent theme.
2006 Clair Francoise et Denis, SantenayDec. 2008
Medium cherry-red colour. A very nice width of high-toned fruit on the nose, slowly it takes on a clear red berry complexion. Good depth and a furry texture on the palate. The acidity is nicely balanced and the medium-weight flavours last very well. A six-pack offered for 93 Swiss francs is a bit of a bargain for a wine with such personality.
2005 Clair Francoise et Denis, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienNov. 2007
Medium-pale lemon yellow. The nose needs a little while to widen, perhaps a little white blossom. The palate is intense and soft, sweetly ripe. The acidity seems quite understated – but there’s much more density to this wine than in most vintages, it even has some focus. For the price, very impressive.
2005 Clair Francoise et Denis, SantenayAug. 2007
Medium, medium-plus cherry-red. The nose starts like cherryade and whilst it becomes a little finer, on day one it never loses the intense cherry although in the background there’s an additional mineral edge. Day two it’s much more interesting with a red berry note behind the cherry – very nice. The main impression on the palate is a rather forward acidity – it’s clean and lingering but certainly pronounced – for all that it has quite some intensity. Day two it’s a little rounder. It’s nice enough wine, and without some of the extra ripeness of many from this vintage. It’s not very expensive yet becomes ever-more serious if you give it enough time. In 2005 there’s a lot of competition at the lower price points, this is good but doesn’t excel.
2004 Clair Francoise et Denis, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienApr. 2007
Medium yellow. The nose fresh, just a little savoury and spicy against that citrussy 2004 feel. Medium-intensity with very good acidity and a nice flow into the good finish. Again there’s a slightly savoury element to the palate too. Plenty of flesh here, rather than the taught, haughty aspect of many in 2004. Easy and tasty drinking – very good value at it’s pre-arrival price.
2003 Clair Francoise et Denis, Santenay Clos GenetJul. 2006
Deep colour. The nose obviously 2003 but is broad and interesting, plenty of good fruit and almost an edge of raisin fruit too. Concentrated, and like most 2003’s below 20°C seems quite fresh. The tannin is reasonably refined too. Medium finish but long on value at ~€12 – very strong quality at this level.
2001 Clair Francoise et Denis, Santenay Clos GenetMar. 2006
Medium cherry-red colour, heading to a more ruby hue at the rim. Wide, if fairly diffuse, red fruit covered by some higher tones – given time, a rather good and piercing red berry-fruit note comes through. The fruit is broad-shouldered, less obviously ripe than the ’99, but nicely sweet as it enters the mid-palate and seemingly just a twist of licorice / oak-toast in the finish. Certainly less precise than their 99 Santenay, but still well-made and a bit of a bargain.
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