Why Big Red Diary?
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2000 Charlopin-Parizot Philippe, Morey St.DenisMar. 2006
Good deep colour – at least vs the average for the vintage. The nose starts really rather interesting and fruitily complex, and hour or two in the glass doesn’t really do it any favours though, a little chocolate perhaps and a cedar note, but not so nice as the start. The palate is more anonymous at the start, yet rather annoyingly improves – so you can have the nose or the taste, but today, not both together… Good concentration and also the texture is not bad, interesting length too. That cedar note from the nose also goes through the core of the palate and into the finish too – just a little to emphasised for my taste. Next day the wine is certainly becoming astringent and drying out a little which might not bode well for the future. If I was to drink a second bottle I’d do it over an hour or two and just let it change in the glass.
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