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2007 Champy Père et Fils, Pernand-Vergelesses Les FichotsMar. 2009
All the corks are branded with bottling date, in this case week 47, 2008 (47.08) – so the week before my visit. Medium, medium-plus colour. a dark nose of nice fruit. Plenty of background tannin that is overlaid with lovely fresh fruits that linger well in the finish. Should be a good buy.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, Pommard Grands EpenotsMar. 2009
A much tighter nose. Plenty of tannin – but it’s not chewy. Darker, more concentrated fruit. This spent longer in older barrels to ‘polish’ the tannins a little. Tasty, though certainly requiring a little bottle age.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, CortonMar. 2009
A blend of fruit from 3 locations that were all vinified together. A fresh width of fruit greets the nose but there’s also a tight core too. Eventually some mineral notes too. A world of difference from the Pommard with finer tannin and a much more obvious ripe fruit dimension. Actually there’s a good mineral streak too – this is super.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, Pernand-VergelessesMar. 2009
Bottled in July. Medium yellow. The nose is fresh, wide, inetersting and clean. Just a little edge of fatness to the reasonably complex and very tasty fruit. Good acidity. I find this excellent.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, Beaune Les ReverséesMar. 2009
Deeper, denser aromatics after the Pernand. In the mouth it’s more plump but is certainly not lacking acidity. Good typicity for a Beaune whites.
2007 Champy Père et Fils, Corton-CharlemagneMar. 2009
Seventy percent from ‘En Charlemagne, the rest (so everything in fact) from Pernand, raised on 40% new oak. The nose shows wide, relatively soft fruit. It’s a narrow entry, but the flavours quickly widen across your tongue – really super fruit in the mid-palate. The flavours slowly fade. A very good effort this.
1997 Champy Père et Fils, Beaune Clos des AvauxAug. 2007
(Magnum) Deep and dark on the nose. Sweet and ripe fruit runs through the palate, no problem with the tannins but the acidity seems not all that well integrated. Overall this is not bad, indeed quite drinkable.
1997 Champy Père et Fils, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les PeuilletsAug. 2007
(Magnum) Medium colour. The nose shows quite some oak overlaying roasted fruits. The palate is incredibly unruly but also quite fun – oak, astringent tannin and that same roasted fruit – you could never use the term ‘balanced’.
1997 Champy Père et Fils, Puligny-Montrachet Hameau de BlagnyAug. 2007
Golden colour. The nose is high-toned, faintly estery and also faintly oxidative. Lacks cohesion on the palate and shows spiky acidity – Drink Up!
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