Why Big Red Diary?
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1998 Camus, ChambertinJan. 2012
An auction purchase, but the bottles look in perfect condition – twirling capsules too – though I expected wax. Medium-plus colour with just a little amber at the rim. The nose has plenty of depth, understated leafy forest floor and a faint creamy edge to the muscled, dark-red fruit. With time the nose fills out with a hint of mushroom and an even clearer dark-red berry fruit. In the mouth this is full, reasonably intense and with a large-scaled flavour profile in the mid-palate. The length is understated but for all that, very impressive. The tannin is relatively faint but quite fine and still enveloping, perhaps adding to a little bitter-chocolate impression to the fruit in the mid-palate. And as a direct counterpoint? The Eugénie VR Brûlées is smoother, but has less scale and flavour dimension, it may be more elegant, but it seems there’s only so much you can extract from that terroir – despite charging almost 3x the price for it!
2008 Camus, Bourgogne RougeNov. 2011
The aromas are very nice and show a little musk. Round in the mouth with nice but not bright acidity. Certainly quite nice wine here.
2001 Camus, Gevrey-ChambertinNov. 2011
An assemblage of multiple parcels dotted around the village. The colour looks quite mature. The nose shows some herbs and just a hint of volatility. In the mouth this is sweet and tasty – indeed very good. The acidity is penetrating without being sharp and long too. Blind I would have guessed a ‘ready to drink’ late-1980’s wine.
2006 Camus, Charmes-ChambertinNov. 2011
The nose is mineral and understated – yet there is quite some depth. In the mouth, this has a nice racy stance with good texture and a nice depth of flavour that slowly expands before decaying in the finish. This wine has much to commend it – it is neither simple nor ‘fruity’, but it is engaging.
2001 Camus, Latricières-ChambertinNov. 2011
The colour is similar to that of the Gevrey – mature looking. The nose showing a musky, textured, almost cushioned depth. In the mouth this has a growing intensity and whilst very linear it quietly impresses with its length. There are no fireworks, but they’re not needed – this is very tasty.
2008 Camus, ChambertinNov. 2011
Very nice, deep, almost textured nose that’s complex and shows a little undergrowth – no facile fruit here. In the mouth there is more fat here than the Latricières and understated yet underpinning acidity. More complexity, and a wide road of flavours into the finish. This is actually very good.
2008 Camus, Mazy-ChambertinNov. 2011
This was drunk in the evening in the company of other producer’s wines. Understated aromatics of herb and soil – interesting and not without depth. In the mouth this is quite linear but with good acidity – nothing tart about any of the 08 Camus range – quite long and interesting too. In the mid-palate there is no sparkle but there is a hint of muscle.
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