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2006 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis Le ClosApr. 2008
The nose here is only about ripe fruit – almost too much. Fuller in the mouth with good acidity. Actually it’s just a little plump and it’s not quite as long as the last wine. Good but not great.
2006 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis Les PreusesApr. 2008
Maybe a trace of toast on the nose – overall quite savoury. Super acidity and good minerality. There’s an extra dimension of flavour, but some oak on the finish too?
2003 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis BougrosApr. 2007
Medium yellow. The cooler the wine, the more mineral the aspect, but at the correct temperature, aromatically this is a more about honey than rocks, with just a faint savoury edge. The palate is soft and supple – ripe obviously – good texture and a medium-plus length. The vintage is doing the talking here, so this is not a great Bougros, but it is a great value wine enjoyed in a restaurant.
2000 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis VaucoupinMar. 2004
Lemon yellow in colour. This wine shows a nice depth of fruit on the nose. The palate is more reserved, but also smoother and more elegant than the ’98 Fevre ‘Le Clos’, doesn’t show the same level of concentration though. Nice acidity, pretty and satisfying.
1997 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis Le ClosMar. 2004
Paler yellow. Some oak notes and higher flowery tones. Compared to the previous wine, the palate here, is a little ‘thinner’ and ‘dirtier’ – hopefully the oak artifact will fade. Medium citrussy length. Could improve as the oak fades, but seems much less classy than the previous wine.
1997 Brocard Jean-Marc, Chablis Montée de la TonnerreNov. 2003
Lighter yellow colour compared to Faiveley’s Montagny. Nose starts with a waft of toasty oak, replaced by toasty bread and some higher floral tones. Much fatter though not quite as dense on the mid-palate. Good acidity with much more dimension on the palate and the finish. This is very good and still very primary
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