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2010 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin Les ChamplotsApr. 2012
Medium cherry red. Some clean, high-toned and glossy red cherry fruit but overall a bit tight. Fresh, with acid-borne intensity. This wine has both energy and a lovely crunchy fruit. Lovely as it is, and as well priced as it is, I’d be getting my enjoyment this year before whatever padding the fruit may currently be providing fades…
2010 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin En RemillyApr. 2012
Pale colour. Wide, slightly waxy impression, some faint herbs and with a little yellow fruit too. Fresh, nicely intense with just a hint of mouth-puckering acidity – but not overly so. The flavour of greeen-skinned fruits comes through in mouth-watering fashion. Racy and fun – lovely stuff.
2010 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin la ChatenièreApr. 2012
Pale colour. A hint of oak toast and clean high-toned aromas, slowly it has more of a brioche impression before disappearing completely. Leaner than the Dents du Chien, with a linear minerality – quite some intensity too – a burst of flavour in the mid-palate with a new, faintly sweet herbal note. Understated, lingering finish that’s couched with a subtle sweetness. Great value wine without a doubt.
2010 Bouton Gilles, Blagny Sous Le PuitsApr. 2012
Rather paler colour than previous vintages. The aroma is rather faint but with a warm, slightly dark sweetness. Some silkiness and a decent balance of acidity. The flavour is rather understated, and far from unpleasant – what’s missing is a little concentration and engagement. Quite pretty but missing much of what I expect from this producer’s version. Lifted only by a pretty red cherry fruit in the decently long finish.
2010 Bouton Gilles, St.Aubin Murgers des Dents de ChienMar. 2012
Pale colour. High-toned, fresh, crisp with a fain creamy depth to some herby fruit – rather engaging. Fresh, but not overly so. A decently silky texture and a very nice intensity in the mid palate. Slightly green-tinged fruit in the finish. Tip-top wine for the price.
2009 Bouton Gilles, Blagny Sous Le PuitsJun. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose has a lot of sweet and easy 2009 about it, but eventually the cuvée’s dark herby aroma is present in the background. Rounder, sweet but with a good background of tannin and acidity, much more interesting than the simple start of the nose some minerality towards the finish too. A wine that really gains character in the glass.
2008 Bouton Gilles, Blagny Sous Le PuitsJun. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is super, there’s the cuvée’s signature dark and slightly herby core, but above is a wonderful bloom of of high-toned violets an fresh black cherry. Seems rounder and more concentrated that the 09, just a litlle fat to the texture. A nice little extra dimension of fruit in the mid-palate. Lovely wine!
2006 Bouton Gilles, Blagny Sous Le PuitsJun. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose starts a little tight but shows a dark core of glossy fruit. Silky with a slowly building tannin – it remains subtle and has a bitter-chocolate edge. The dark fruit flavour grows in tandem and is really quite impressive in the mid-palate, it holds quite well too. Tight yet with clean lines and a decent depth of fruit. Very nice.
2007 Bouton Gilles, Blagny Sous Le PuitsJun. 2011
Hmm, how very, very similar to the 2006. Not quite as tight, but a few redder fruit notes aside this could be the same wine. Medium, plus colour. Both dark fruits and red fruits on the nose – it’s quite deep but not wide. In the mouth the very same flavour perspective as the 2006; perhaps faintly less acidity but it’s marginal. Impressed.
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