Why Big Red Diary?
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2000 Boillot Jean-Marc, Pommard JarollièresApr. 2012
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is as good as it has ever been; close to ripe fruit has a coating of musky/creamy-ness – it’s actually quite interesting. The acidity and associated tannin is tart and a little astringent, but if you swallow quickly, it seems quite okay. I probably needn’t add more…
2009 Boillot Jean-Marc, Puligny-MontrachetNov. 2011
The nose is relatively tight; very understated high toned flowers, perhaps pear-drops. This is surprisingly fresh and mineral for a 2009 – too much so? – certainly it’s a little austere. The flavour does expand in the mid-palate, and it’s clearly quite fresh but I’m not entirely convinced this is a great wine for the price – this is relatively expensive for a villages. The last part of the mid-palate and finish has plenty of extract and flavour – I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt but I’d only buy at a much better price.
2008 Boillot Jean-Marc, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
The nose shows a little warmth to the fruit. Fat, and after the 2008s seems a little acid-shy – wait a little while and it seems to come into balance. Lots of stony fruit and an intense finish.
2008 Boillot Jean-Marc, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2010
A mix of oak and perfume – no really – I don’t think it was the person standing next to me! Not too fat, good freshness and intensity. Good if unremarkable – except for the perfume!
1995 Boillot Jean-Marc, Pommard JarollièresApr. 2010
The last bottle of this didn’t show brilliantly, hopefully this does a little better. The colour has a much older, browner caste than I expect for a ’95. The aromas are not promising; quite beefy and hint bretty – I’m not really looking forward to putting it in my mouth! Some sweetness to the fruit, intensity too – it’s a rather macerated, spicy impression. The tannin is relatively understated and the acidity decently balanced. The texture has a reasonable soft and fat impression. Certainly much, much better than the last bottle or my I expectation given the nose. I’m thinking that there may be some slight bacterial spoilage here with this one. 10 left, hmm…
1998 Boillot Jean-Marc, Puligny-MontrachetDec. 2009
This has medium colour, but the colour is hovering somewhere between golden and orange. The first aromas are tight, slightly honied but as it opens the oxidative character comes to the fore. In the mouth there’s good acidity, sweetness and above-average density – it’s quite silky too. Particularly impressive length with intensity and many dimensions that include creamy, caramelised fruits. It starts as borderline drinkable for someone who dislikes oxidation, but fills out with ever-more complexity and interest – indeed very drinkable.
1995 Boillot Jean-Marc, Pommard JarollièresMay. 2009
There’s some age in the colour, but the core is still a nice red. The nose is meaty, only a little leafy and eventually gives a very pretty redcurrant note. There’s a lift to the acidity, it’s even a little raw to start with, but it’s moderated with aeration. The concentration/intensity is reasonably good and whilst the tannin is well in the background it still manages to add a note of hardness. The overall impression today is a sweet/sour stance though the acidity provides a decently mouthwatering finish, yet is a long way from seamless. The jury’s out on this one – I’d leave it in the cellar another 3+ years as a starting point…
2006 Boillot Jean-Marc, Montagny 1er CruJul. 2008
Medium-pale yellow. Starts a little spritzy on the nose, but very slowly loses the sherbet note to deliver nice subtle oak and plenty of ripe pear fruit. Good balance with faintly lingering acidity. The flavours are lingering, if just a little saccharin. Always a reasonable value wine.
2006 Boillot Jean-Marc, Bâtard-MontrachetApr. 2008
Plenty of oak on the nose – closer to toast than brioche – it’s wide but not showing much depth. Very fruit-driven flavours and quite concentrated. Well balanced and shows a good finish. It misses that extra dimension for ’special’ but it’s very, very good.
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