Why Big Red Diary?
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2001 Boillot Henri, Corton-CharlemagneApr. 2010
My last two bottles showed a hint of oxidation, so here’s the last one of six. Medium gold – it seemed lighter on pouring. The nose has no obvious oxidation, rather caramel and toffee over sweet fruit. Soft textured with understated acidity. Versus its youth there’s an understated intensity and equally understated – though long – finish with just a hint of gunflint. Just a youthful wine going through a tight phase. Given the track record in my cellar I won’t be rebuying, but this was a very nice bottle.
2001 Boillot Henri, Corton-CharlemagneNov. 2007
Not light colour – at least not when using the previous two as reference. Very ripe, honey on the nose. In the mouth it’s fat and concentrated – no obvious oxidation aromas or flavours – but not the zing, not the painful intensity and not the haunting finish of those first bottles – comment from winemaker friend #2: “you called me round just to taste this?” – ouch.
2001 Boillot Henri, BourgogneJul. 2005
Medium cherry-red. Just a small amount of toasty oak against high-toned, slightly estery fruit. Good freshness and concentration but the tannin and palate are still a little angular and harsh. If this wood derived angularity smooths out this will be rather elegant, try again in 2 years.
2001 Boillot Henri, MeursaultMar. 2005
The last bottle was corked, so we try again. Medium gold colour – very nice nose – fresh, high tones with whiffs of pineapple and pear. The sweet palate has really excellent balance, some fat and an impressive length for the appellation. I re-stocked despite the previous corky experience – very good wine, excellent villages.
2001 Boillot Henri, Bourgogne RougeJul. 2004
Good medium cherry red colour – for a regional. The nose starts with lots of oak, but not ‘overdone’, there’s also high toned, almost orange, fruit to compliment the red cherry. The palate starts a little harsh, but like the oak on the nose becomes more harmonious. There’s a slight tartness to acidity, though the tannins are quite smooth. The fruit gives up something close to blackforest gateau(!) Obviously showing a little young, but there’s good density. I’d suggest waiting another 1-2 years.
2001 Boillot Henri, MeursaultJul. 2004
Deep gold. Nose is spoiled by cork taint. The palate is fat and has good acidity, plenty of concentration and length – could be a good wine if it was in the right condition.
2001 Boillot Henri, Corton-CharlemagneMar. 2004
Deeply coloured for such a young wine, a shimmering gold. The nose has a creamy fruit-salad sense to it, almost brooding. The palate is a Charlemagne tour-de-force with it’s upfront burst of flavour and stunning concentration – it was a challenge to drink the second glass – but I persevered!. Keeping the wine in your mouth brings thoughts of a stream gushing over rock, but if you need a respite and try swallowing you’re in for a shock, it’s like opening the curtains and letting in the sun as the finish unfolds with deep, creamy waves. Best young Charlie I ever tried – as if I haven’t bought enough white wine already…
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