Why Big Red Diary?
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2007 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMay. 2010
Red fruit and green herbs on the nose. Mouth-filling fruit that’s not too sweet but tastes really nice as it emerges from the medium strength, ripe tannins. Almost good.
2007 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard Les RugiensMay. 2010
Similar aromas of herbs to the Chaponnières but set against a much more imposing background of fruit. Again, the fruit is nota particularly sweet style but there’s a really good, additional, dimension of flavour – edged with caramel – in the mid-palate. Really long, super!
2007 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard Clos des VergersMay. 2010
One of only two producers of this 1er. The herb aromas are set against slightly riper fruit. Lots of tannin but it’s pretty supple. Lots of flavour intensity here – very good.
2006 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMay. 2010
Herbs aromas with ripe red fruit. There’s plenty of tannin, but it’s not too overwhelming. The fruit has good flavour and a decent intensity too.
1999 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresMar. 2010
Magnum. Wide, fresh, complex yet understated aromas. Fresh, primary fruit. The tannin is just in balance. Modest (understated) in the mid-palate and the finish. – Perhaps a little tight?pommard
2005 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard ChaponnièresApr. 2009
Medium, medium-plus colour. Directly following the Château de Chorey the nose and palate both seemed attenuated and narrow, only the finish was captivating – much longer than the Beaune. Within 5 minutes the nose showed occasional flashes of brilliance – beautiful red fruits and hints of coffee. The palate is clearly barrel-tight making the acidity seem forward, but the tannin is burried. You only have to experience the finish to know this is a great wine, but perhaps we may have to wait 10 years to see it. Day two there’s a hint more width, but no more.
2004 Billard-Gonnet, Pommard Clos des VergersAug. 2007
Rather deeply coloured. The nose starts tight, clean, slightly floral but gets progressively more impressive with red fruit that has a twist of blueberry in the mix – despite being primary it becomes very lovely – there is a hint of the vintage green somewhere but it’s on such a low level it is really additive. The palate is linear and intense, also very clean and mineral even. It’s just a little more unruly in the mid-palate but only because it’s so effusive. It’s a lower-case finish showing a slightly creamy undertone. This is very impressive for a 2004, I must look out for the 2005!
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