Why Big Red Diary?
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2006 Belland Roger, Bourgogne Pinot NoirDec. 2010
Medium colour. The nose has wide, slightly alcoholic top-notes that mix with a little spearmint and narrows to a base of dark red fruit. In the mouth the fruit has a nice sweet dimension, but the acidity is just slightly in the ascendant providing a sour, perhaps for some people too sour reflection. The tannin is far from evident. I’d say this is in the last days of pinot-noir youth, an adolescence of acidity like a breaking voice just compromising the performance. I’ve enjoyed a number of these over that couple of years, but this is the last – a job done because I’m not looking to keep this 20 years, but done well!
2008 Belland Roger, Meursault SantenotsDec. 2010
The nose is fresh and wide, if not so deep – slowly develops a sweeter core of fruit. There is good minerality and the intensity almost bursts across the mid-palate before slowly decaying. This is lovely.
2008 Belland Roger, Santenay GravièresDec. 2010
Higher-toned redder fruits, perhaps riper too. The same structure as the ‘Comme’ but more flavour to buffer it – even an extra dimension of flavour in the finish – very nice!
2008 Belland Roger, Criots Bâtard-MontrachetDec. 2010
Understated. The nose has some density but remains rather tight. Silky, ever-widening in the mouth – the intensity grows in tandem. Actually it still grows for a while after you swallow. Super, super length.
2008 Belland Roger, Santenay Comme-DessusDec. 2010
Blanc. A wealth of ‘low hanging fruit’, just about avoiding becoming ponderous. There is width and a fullness to the palate that is fortunately held together with nice acidity. Slightly stony flavours, actually this is not bad despite being redolent of a Beaune Blanc.
2008 Belland Roger, Santenay BeauregardsDec. 2010
Depth, width and seemingly almost a texture to the nose. Fuller, everything is ‘extra’ versus the previous wines; flavour, balance, structure. This decays with less obvious flavour than the Gravières, but no less length.
2007 Belland Roger, Criots Bâtard-MontrachetDec. 2010
There is a gorgeous floral backdrop to deep and stony fruit notes. The plate like wise has a depth of stony fruit – an almost rock-like constitution. Return in 20 years (with luck!)
2008 Belland Roger, Santenay Beauregards BlancDec. 2010
Blanc. There’s a hint of savoury to the nose, baked bread perhaps. This is also rather full but combined with the acidity there is a little more intensity. A nice fresh, again stony finish – long too!
2008 Belland Roger, Chassagne-Montrachet Clos PitoisDec. 2010
Wide, very nice aromas with a little herb (like Chassagne whites). The flavour is slightly more mineral than the Santenay with a similar intensity though a darker and fuller mid-palate of fruit.
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