Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxNov. 2011
Medium, medium-plus colour. Wow: There’s a strong smell of pyrazines on the nose – blind, I’d probably lose my house pronouncing this as a 2004. The flavour is likewise corrupted. This seems very stable in the glass, and it’s not for me.
2007 Bachelet Denis, Côte de Nuits VillagesFeb. 2010
Medium colour. The nose starts a little ‘thin’, but quickly fills out with a mix of red and blue shaded fruit and there’s a width of higher tones, no bass-notes though. A balanced and slightly floral impression with an impressive width, though like the nose there’s a limited depth for the life of this bottle. The fruit impression does build a lovely red, cream inflected note. This becomes very tasty indeed. A pretty wine that was once a great value cuvée – currently it’s just pretty…
1999 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles VignesMay. 2009
Medium, medium-plus ruby-red colour. A gorgeous nose; creamy red fruit of lovely depth, just a little brown sugar rounding it out – seems very much a Bachelet (barrel) signature rather than ‘Gevrey’ (the ‘96 Charmes is very similar) time adds a little darker cherry. The texture is silky, there’s penetrating acidity without it being over the top, the mouth-watering flavours have very good dimension and a sugared impression that mirrors the aromas. Like the nose, there’s a very slow development of darker cherry flavours. Never more than medium-bodied, this is a super-elegant bottle – a shame that I only bought 6, way back when – an outstanding villages…
2006 Bachelet Denis, Côte de Nuits VillagesDec. 2008
From 1952 vines. Medium, medium-plus colour. Pure and focused red fruit – it’s a fine nose. Soft and silky, perhaps less ripe than some – the tannin has some astringency, but the overall package is very good.
2006 Bachelet Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin Les CorbeauxDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is a little more diffuse than the Fourrier Goulots that precedes it, but has a little extra coffee dimension. Good concentration, plush but plenty of tannin clings to your gums, a little astringent too. Nigh high-toned fruit. Will need longer in the cellar than the Goulots but has plenty of potential.
2005 Bachelet Denis, Charmes-ChambertinApr. 2008
Medium-plus colour. The nose shows more caramel, less dark oak, and a little more red and orange, though slightly estery, higher-toned fruit. The fruit aroma is nice but clearly less sophisticated versus the first two wines. Soft and silky with very fine acidity and (once more) simply superb length. The fruit on the palate is just a little riper than both of the first wines. A beauty
2005 Bachelet Denis, Côte de Nuits VillagesApr. 2008
Maybe a shade paler than the 2004, but there is still quite deeply coloured core. The nose is wide, with high-toned black berry-notes and a softer underbelly that hints at, but never really shows its cream. Mouth-filling, with almost covered, velvet tannin. Lots of primary fruit extract and a good expansion in the mid-palate. This is seriously lovely – with emphasis on the serious. I’ll have to check the price – and availability…
2004 Bachelet Denis, Côte de Nuits VillagesApr. 2008
Medium-plus colour. The nose is pungent with cedary green odours, a significant swirl is required to release a faint sweet red note. Overnighting makes little difference to the aroma profile. The palate is supple, well textured and has a ripe complexion, but the cedar is very forward here too. Excellent for CdNV length, slightly creamy – but too green, even on day two
1997 Bachelet Denis, Charmes-ChambertinAug. 2007
The nose is understated, wide and fresh. The palate is likewise impressively fresh (for 97) and shows quite some grainy tannin. Nothing is pushed but this is very impressive – I’d buy some!
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