Why Big Red Diary?
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1997 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-Romanée Aux ReignotsDec. 2011
The nose starts broad and faintly of dark oak – slowly a pungent, dark, coconut cream begins to fill the glass, only very slowly are the granular, spicy notes one expects of Vosne to be found. In the glass this starts with a silky texture and a slightly bright though smooth acidity – which is the main component through the centre of the wine and into it’s finish. As the wine warms in the glass the finish first pads out with some of the dark flavours that match the nose. Over three hours this wine remains steady as a rock; acid led but not too much, with a freshness and stance that belies the vintage. I would say this is still very-much young and primary, it is certainly excellent in the context of the vintage.
1983 Arnoux Robert, Nuits St.GeorgesOct. 2011
Medium colour, quite some browning. The nose is clean to start and all about soil, soil and more soil – with time we have a deep sweetness and a subtle undertow of musk. A little tannin bubbles below the surface and the flavour grows and grows in the mid-palate – really good intensity and plenty of sweetness too. I think this has a really good mid-palate complexity and with just a hint of creaminess too. Slowly lingering on beautifully judged acidity – medium-plus length – tons of enjoyment here; this is the archetypal melting old burgundy with tons of sediment at the end – completely yum!
1998 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-RomanéeDec. 2009
The last bottle of this was very good, and only drunk around two years ago, this bottle is not to the same standard. This one has a little volatility – slight cola – and some meaty aromas. The acidity is slightly lifted and there’s still just a hint of astringency showing from the tannins if you look hard enough. Decent length, but not so much love today. It was anyway my last bottle.
1994 Arnoux Robert, EchézeauxDec. 2009
Bought at the domaine back in about 2003. A cork that falls into pieces, but is rescued by the ‘ah-so’. Quite deeply, dark ruby coloured. The nose straight away shows a murky toasty oak that slowly fades to a sweetened dark, licorice-wrapped fruit. The texture is of velvet, melded to decent concentration and good acidity. There’s a faint metallic edge to the flavours that are still largely toasty barrel derived. Medium-plus length. For my personal taste I may be deterred from a re-purchase because of the oak-driven presentation (at 15 years this is presumably a permanent mark), yet this remains relatively young for a ‘94 and I expect this wine would certainly improve for a few years more. With nothing (apart from (maybe) the oak) out of balance, this is a well above average 1994…
1997 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-Romanée Aux ReignotsMay. 2009
Starts with dark, slightly dirty oak and some forest floor – slowly the forest floor fades to leave the oak and a slight roast coffee ground plus much fainter, greener herbal note – there is a little spiciness, but this is interesting, rather than captivating . Some sweetness though it is ‘balanced’ by acidity that’s a little tart and a lick of slightly astringent tannin. The sweetness is associated with the fruit, mainly red shaded in this vintage and hinting at cream too. There’s enough here to make me interested to try other vintages, but this wine is a poster-child to ‘not quite there 1997?. I gave it a bit more of a chance and left the last third for day 3 (day 2 I was out!) – hints of red berry, less oak and more balance. Still far from worth the normal sticker price, but there is now some interest here. Another bottle will rest in the cellar until its 15th birthday or-so.
2007 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-RomanéeApr. 2009
Fresh, dense fruit on the nose. Concentrated and rather well textured. Good length and no obvious oak. A very nice introduction.
2007 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-Romanée Les Hautes MaizièresApr. 2009
The nose shows some higher tones and herbal elements underpinned qwith pretty fruit. More concentrated and showing finer tannin than the ‘Vosne’, though much less tasty today. Again, very well crafted and no obvious oak.
2007 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-Romanée Les ChaumesApr. 2009
Rather narrow aromas, but the linear beam of fruit is focused and goes quite deep. Good width and dimension in the mouth and with very nice mid-palate fruit. Not as sharply dressed as the previous two wines, but very good.
2007 Arnoux Robert, Vosne-Romanée Les SuchotsApr. 2009
Weight, but not so much aromatic depth – faint spice over nice fruit. Very good fruit on the tongue that just about balances plenty of ripe tannin. Lovely mid-palate flavours. The finish is a shade oaky, but that will fade. Very, very good.
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