Why Big Red Diary?
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2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay Clos des AnglesMay. 2011
A relatively new wine for the range. There was already some ‘Angles’ but it was part of the Volnay 1er Cru blend – an extra half hectare was bought that released this cuvée. A limited release in some (mainly UK) markets for 2008, but generally for this 2009 vintage. Pretty powdery red fruits on the nose. Just a little textural padding but there’s good structure too to support the long, lingering finish. Very nice indeed.
2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay CailleretsMay. 2011
The nose is of more compact proportions, but again with pretty red fruits. This time there is a more mineral base followed by an expansion of the flavours in the mid-palate. The most prominent aspect of the finish is its impressive minerality.
2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay TaillepiedsMay. 2011
The nose is a little tighter here but shows a subtle floral aromatic. In the mouth this is fuller though also with a good mineral base – once-more with a lovely lift of flavour in the mid-palate. Lovely.
2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay ChampansMay. 2011
This has a more floral scent. Stony yet a little less mineral flavour – less padding too – but the flavours are more intense. Just the merest hint of oak texture in the finish just now – it will be gone in 3-6 months. Lovely.
2009 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay Clos des DucsMay. 2011
The nose is broader and muskier – there are savoury hints too. Full and very silky in the mouth – as you chew the velvet tannin grows. The flavour is as broad as the nose – a wine that stands apart stylistically in this range – yet it’s made exactly the same. Very, very impressive.
2001 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay Clos des DucsApr. 2010
A good medium, medium-plus colour. It’s an ever-changing nose, though not particularly in a good way: it starts a little diffuse and harsh, then there is a period of absolute red-fruited Volnay beauty followed again by diffuse and slightly green notes. You go through this cycle each time you top up your glass! In the mouth the fruit has a very nice perfume, reasonable density and there is some real persistence of flavour – yet the overall effect is slightly tart and certainly has a little ungainly tannin. It contains some great Volnay references, but it’s far from a great Clos des Ducs…
2006 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay FremietsDec. 2008
A little darker colour. The nose is deeper but less wide. Likewise on the palate there’s just a little more structure and depth, but less width. Good length though.
2006 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay ChampansDec. 2008
Medium, medium-plus colour – like the Fremiet. The nose is like a blend of the previous two wines with a little extra high-toned dimension. Deep and forceful. The tannin remains a background element. Dark fruit and very long.
2006 Angerville Marquis d', Volnay Clos des DucsDec. 2008
Like all these wines, just 20% new oak is used during elevage. A wider and finer nose that is edged with some caramel depth. In the mouth this is a little more austere and mouth-filling. Fine acidity and concentration. A super dark length penetrates the tongue. Eventually a haunting red note on the nose – class, expensive, but class!
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