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premature oxidation research

I was recently able to meet the press attaché Cécile Mathiaud and Michel Baldassini, the head of the main Burgundy wine growers’ association, the (BIVB) – he is also head of the Cave Coopérative de Lugny. My reason was to try and get a perspective in the research of the BIVB into the phenomenon of […]

the greeny-red wines of 2004 – pt.2

I addressed this observation to all the winemakers I met last week and culled the following information: Winemaker 1. “Yes I know exactly what you mean – it’s also there in some whites. We see this to a lower extent in many vintages, but I have to admit it’s on a much higher level since […]

benchmark for a generation pt.2

I thought I would just let that initial comment hang there a while 🙂 Of-course that comment is aimed at the red wines of the vintage; whites are opulent and rich (2003 with acidity) – with the potential exception of Chablis they may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but don’t worry 2006 looks […]

“2005 will benchmark vintages for a generation”

There is always hype of some kind associated with the launch of each new vintage – but comments like the one above are not the norm. That the comment came today from someone who has already largely pre-sold all their 2005’s is telling – even internally at the domaine they are carving up their remaining […]

rodet acquire a maison and a monopole

News on the Antonin Rodet website announces their acquisition of Maison Dufouleur Père & Fils including the addition of the large Nuits Monopole, the 1er Cru Clos de Thorey to the “Domaines Rodet family”: The Mercurey-based Burgundy Wine group Antonin Rodet, founded in 1875, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequana Capital, has announced the acquisition of […]

the greeny-red wines of 2004

You only need to look at notes for the 2004’s tasted here in the last 2-3 months to see that something is going-on in those bottles – and it’s not entirely pleasant – so I had to write something about it. Initially I felt compelled to say something, simply because I felt that others were […]

vintage 2005: price movements

Whilst they are far from commonplace, some producers are looking to extract a little extra from the consumers for this vintage. I have already forward purchased from several producers with prices at, or below, 2004/2003 levels, but some are going the other way: I am exhorted by a swiss merchant ‘attention – quantities are low’, […]

only two christmas disappointments…

Back to reality – Christmas is over – it seems in a flash! Lots of friends were seen and surprisingly few bottles were drunk as I was mainly the chauffeur. My first disappointment is that I’ve finally given up trying to match red burgundy with the traditional Christmas meal – it doesn’t work – there […]

still travelling, more news on mortet

I’ve left New York behind and find myself in Philadelphia – well the airport Marriott anyway, and it’s definitely not grubby! The bar of the hotel throngs to quite a number of people cheering an (American) football team, on (as far as I can see) 6 TV screens in the bar area – maybe it’s […]

burgundy – the home of pinot noir

burgundy – the home of pinot noir

Apparently the ‘Brits’ like to name wines by their varietal. I’m not sure who came up with that statement, or how it applies to Chablis, Châteauneuf-du-Pape or ‘claret’ for instance, but someone was convinced enough to pay for a series of adverts in ‘lifestile magazines’ and the ‘colour supplements’ of the weekend newspapers in the […]

christies change gear for the hospices de beaune

It seemed to me that in 2005 the selling ‘machine’ of Christies (at theit first attempt) did not really get into full gear for the sale of the 2005’s; prices were average and the wines should be excellent – perhaps Christies needed to get into the swing of things. This year, for the 2006’s, the […]

merchants and faulty bottles – some advice…

I don’t often whinge – I think! When it comes to corked wine, my average is only around 4% detected – close to, but at the bottom-end of the rates from most studies – so I don’t consider myself a hypercondriac. My approach to merchants when I have a bad bottle is simply to point […]

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