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côte d’or – the truth!

côte d’or – the truth!

Or today’s truth anyway 🙂 I have often previously written that I was personally of the view that name Côte d’Or was derived from ‘east-facing’ – mainly given the number of old maps inscribed with côte d’orient – this, as opposed to the view that the name was derived from golden slope – something which […]

today’s walk: volnay->monthelie->auxey->meursault->volnay…

Monthèlie - Sous le Cellier

The rain that was forecast for practically all of this week – didn’t really materialise until this evening – at least in Beaune anyway! So today we managed a good, and dry, walk – picnicking in Meursault, before heading back via Plures, Santenots, Caillerets and Champans, to our car in Volnay. Then a quick run […]

mainly puligny today – a herbicide-orama…

Herbicide - Puligny-Montrachet

April is a time when you can easily see the chemical warfare that hides within many expensive bottles with a Puligny-Montrachet label – there is no excuse…  



I tasted a lot of Beaujolais Blanc last week, and I must say that I feel fortunate to have been tasting this wine from the 2017 vintage – as, all-over Burgundy, the wines are more approachable in this vintage – and for both colours – because of that I found some good ones! But a […]

onward and upwards – les duresses

onward and upwards – les duresses

June 2018. It can be complicated – there are three interested parties here – not including the ones actually doing the work! As you can see from the sunny pictures, taken last June, this beautiful corner of Auxey-Duresses, sitting on a corner that looks towards both the Moulin des Moines and Monthèlie, was more than […]

‘bourgogne vs. burgundy – what’s in a name?’

I dismissed the BIVB‘s press release about this last year, probably because I had better things to do around the time of the harvest – actually it was the 12th September, so I’m sure I’d probably finished by then – but I digress! In essence, they want to change the way that others speak: “To […]

do you smell corks?

do you smell corks?

My advice, is that advice, like exercise, is not absolute – it’s about what works for you. I’ve more than once read articles from (let’s call them) opinion-formers, who state quite categorically that cork sniffing has absolutely no use, and is, charitably(!) nothing more than an affectation – I beg to differ. It’s not 100% […]

a new label – bourgogne côte d’or – and why it matters…

There are many ‘Bourgogne’ labels, but the new one – Bourgogne Côte d’Or – is much more specific in two respects; 1) Geography and 2) what’s in the bottle – it can only be pinot noir or chardonnay. Harpers were the first (that I’m aware of) to break the news that the long discussed label […]

hong kong drinks it in…

Here. “Hong Kong is now Burgundy’s fifth biggest market in terms of revenue and the 13th largest in terms of volume” i.e. its not really the cheap stuff that they are buying! Hong Kong is, it seems, doing a great job of mopping up top production from the Côte d’Or. It’s a relatively new market […]

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