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to be, or not to be, 2004…

to be, or not to be, 2004…

I know, I know, ‘here we go again’ you are thinking. Well yes, and no… I’ve actually tried a few very good 2004s in the last days – I looked very hard at them, but found nothing amiss. So everything’s alright now say some. Hold your horses say I! The three wines that were fine, […]

wine faults seminar 15th may in london…

It seems that half a dozen places are still open for this seminar, so if you’re both interested and available, please directly email andrea.warren at btinternet.com “Pyrazine in the Burgundy: could it really be the ladybirds?” Bill Nanson has had derision and support from winemakers in almost equal measure for his theory about the ailment […]

wine faults seminar (ladybirds, ladybugs…?)

wine faults seminar (ladybirds, ladybugs…?)

If anyone is interested to join-in this, drop me a line asap – and I’ll pass it on – there are only 3 bottles of each wine (there are a number of wines) so I’m guessing it might be limited to ~50(?) Dear wine enthusiast The Circle of Wine Writers’ committee has been in recent […]

louis max 2011 mercurey clos la marche

Well, the white was just so good, there was nothing stopping me here – perhaps there should have been! 2011 Louis Max, Mercurey Clos la Marche Medium, bright red colour, edged with salmon pink. It seems that its southern geography was not enough save this wine from a little pyrazine; it starts, seemingly, with none […]


Prompted by Mark over in our forum: If I was to do a “pyrazine masterclass”, one in Beaune, one in London (June!), who’d be interested to come? burgundy-report.com/forum/topic.ph… — bill nanson (@billnanson) Januar 14, 2013 Perhaps I should invent a ‘hashtag’ – #ladypyrazines anyone?

(2011) coccinelle

I’m not so naive that I didn’t expect that I might put a few noses out of joint with my vintage 2011 commentary. But I’m spending quite a bite of time fielding questions and having to justify myself – and to be honest it’s getting a bit too time consuming to keep up with, and […]

the greeny-red wines of 2004

You only need to look at notes for the 2004’s tasted here in the last 2-3 months to see that something is going-on in those bottles – and it’s not entirely pleasant – so I had to write something about it. Initially I felt compelled to say something, simply because I felt that others were […]

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