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the return of the mark: part last…

Final Day Hautes-Cotes Pinot fruit

ARLAUD VENDANGE, Wednesday, 24th September 2014 By now I was really wondering just when we were going to finish as there seemed to be no sign. I was acutely conscious my Channel ferry back to the UK was booked for Friday lunchtime, delaying was not an option, and I was also keen to undertake various […]

the return of the mark: Vendange Day 8+9

2nd Day Roncevie - Rene & Annie with Camion

ARLAUD VENDANGE DAYS 8 & 9 – Monday & Tuesday 22nd/23rd Sept 2014-10-07 Whilst I’ve regrettably now been back in the UK since the 26th Sept, and am increasingly becoming immersed in my banking (Rick S pls note !) day job and matters domestic (leaking shower cubicle anyone ?) I feel sort of duty bound […]

Indian Summer…

Indian Summer…

I do hope that’s not now regarded as a racist comment(?) Actually I don’t really care 😉 It just goes on and on this fine weather: Low to mid 20s°C and staying largely dry too. I heard of some grapes still being harvested today – but in the Hautes Côtes – which reminds me, I […]

Mark’s harvest: Vendange Day 7

Clos St Denis upslope

ARLAUD VENDANGE – Day 7, Friday 21th Sept 2014 In my piece on Day six I overlooked mention of an unprecedented (for me at least) occurrence from previous vendanges, namely a Saturday close of lunch announcement from Herve that we would not be working Sunday hence all the locals should not show up (none did […]

Mark’s harvest: Vendange day 6

Arrival/disembarkation - Vosne 'Aux Reas'

ARLAUD VENDANGE – Day 6, Sat 20th Sept 2014 A damp and claggy, rain in the air, cooler than previous starts to this day. I’d been wondering when we’d get around to our final Morey 1er cru, ‘Aux Cheseaux’, & now had my answer as we started with it under gloomy skies and notably cooler […]

Mark’s harvest: Vendange Day 5

Late evening Day 4 saw, from circa 21.30 onwards, as we finished our evening meal proceedings, a quite spectacular electrical and thunder storm over Morey which went on to about 12.30. Did not bode well for the following day, Friday, but at least cleared the air somewhat from the almost oppressive temperatures which had marked […]

Mark’s harvest: Vendange Day 4 – p.m Negoce !

ARLAUD VENDANGE – Day 4 (pm), Thurs 18th Sept 2014 Bonjour, tout le monde, sorry for the delayed re-appearance of notes, thoughts etc from Morey – we’ve been working like slaves and, despite best intentions any number of times, my journalistic desires (if one can call it that) have just had to take a ‘back […]

there’s a hole…

Luckily, I’ve plenty of things to type. I’ve even more things to arrange – such as my first wave of tastings for white 2013s. But there’s a bit of a hole… There are no more grapes – and come to think of it, no Mark de Morey either – he seems lost in action! Of-course, […]

Burgundy Harvest 23 September 2014…

Lovely Lavaux

OUF! That’s cold! We woke today to blue skies and what would turn out to be a day of glorious sunshine – but OUF (again) – the temperature, and that wind is cold – are we suddenly in November? Heading to the triage table, my gillet wasn’t enough – I needed double-gillet-ing! Today we started […]

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