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harvest: other sites

Some reading to cartch-up on: Lovely account of the harvest chez Pacalet published by Bert yesterday. Alberic’s view Louis-Fabrice starts downbeat… Patrick Essa’s view

harvest 2012: not quite over…

And no, I’m not talking about the Hautes Côtes! I understand that Laurent Ponsot’s team finally swung into action this week – he started on Monday (1st Oct.) and will be working through this week – and who knows, maybe a bit of next week too! Here’s a nice view. And this may be a […]

a 2012 summary from clive…

a 2012 summary from clive…

JN Gagnard’s pic: Clos Bortier Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune (red) being harvested 1st October. I’m slightly bemused by the language, only because it sounds like there are real wines to commented on – virtually nothing has yet finished alcoholic fermentation, indeed much has not started to ferment – yet the sentiment is fine, plus […]

harvest 2012: a basic summary

Beaune Les Avaux

Last year it was relatively easy to make some broad-brush descriptions of the vintage. This year it really isn’t so easy. The growing season has delivered very little consistency in terms of yield – it’s very low but not consistently-so. Poor weather at flowering was the starting point, followed by frosts, constant rain, then later […]

naked virgins…

We crush the whites by foot before pressing. Note they are crushed by naked virgins, something few wineries still do. twitter.com/JeremySeysses/… — Jeremy Seysses (@JeremySeysses) September 30, 2012

harvest: september 28th

harvest: september 28th

I understand that the Clos de Tart has just started its harvest today, whilst the home domaine is still waiting for their last grapes from the 2012 campaign – Chambertin – they will be picked this afternoon, but that will be too late for me as I’m heading home tonight. The grapes will be quite […]

harvest: september 27th

harvest: september 27th

The home domaine was on a fruitless day – still no decision on when the Chambertin would be picked – so I accepted an invitation to help at Chandon de Briailles. The domaine has, so-far, brought in about half their fruit – all the whites are done – today we were going to do a […]

harvest: september 26th

harvest: september 26th

To a soundtrack of Johnny Cash and Massive Attack we make our own attack on the grapes of Lavaux St.Jacques and Maranges Croix de Moines – happy under our cover from incessant rain. [Edit: The rain lasted for 30 hours, delivering 50mm!] The Gevrey is lovely – we use about one-third whole clusters – and […]

harvest: september 25th

Volnay Santenots

Too true. This morning we have managed to keep completely dry, despite a little rain in some parts of the Côtes. Lots of grapes to pick today as the forecast is rather bad for tommorrow. People are racing against the elements… Our grapes today have been against (my) expectations – in both directions! Opening with […]

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