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Vintage 2009

cuverie update – from ray walker

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Not too long ago I was truly naive. I was looking forward to becoming busy. I had no idea what busy was before a few weeks ago. My lovely clutch on my new 1987 cheap BMW 3 got angry at my sloppy heal toe activities and grew bored with my eager turns through the roundabouts […]

harvest 2009 update from domaine fourrier

You can't see the smile on this photo but it's there - inside!

A double update – from both Vicki and from Jean-Marie! Many things have already been said on the web about the 2009 Vintage, and it is already being compared to the 05 vintage. We have attached some temperature and light, and rain charts which show the differences between the 2005 and 2009 which show that […]

maison ilan – update

Things have been very busy at the winery lately. With all the fruit in tank and fermenting I have been focusing on tasting, testing, punchdowns and of course more tasting. I decided to use a fair amount of whole cluster on the Morey half way because I was curious about doing it, the otherhalf because […]

harvest roundup

harvest roundup

So, a few updates on resources for the Harvest 2009: Mark has managed to extract pictures from his daughter’s pink Fuji, so, added to his first and last posts are galleries from his experiences. There has been a really good commentary here from Cynthia. Finally, I can deliver you the full set of ‘polished’ reports […]

harvest 2009 – producer updates – monday 21st sept

Dujac Harvest

I asked a few producers how things were looking in the cuverie: Intense colors – for the reds 😉 pH’s that basically (if I may) are not increasing during fermentation – we should end up with levels around 3.60 – 3.70 which is close to my goal. Tannins, after being a bit sharp at mid […]

mark – pernand-vergelesses day 4 friday 11th Sept

Pinot Corton Bressandes

A few words on other matters before getting into Friday’s picking activities et al. One of the many things I have quickly come to love here is the view across the steep sided valley in which Pernand sits on one side – on the right heading up towards Echevronne. Domaine D-F is probably circa half […]

harvest 2009 – saturday 19th sept

Rain overnight but by 9:30 a.m. it’s stopped and the sun is peaking through. The home team is bringing in Chambertin – it looks almost as good as yesterday’s Latricières, the grapes are a bit wet, still, the vibrating table is removing most of it and the rain doesn’t seemed to have affected the berry […]

harvest 2009 – friday 18th sept

So it’s Friday, and given the forecasts, and depending on which you believe – Météo France get short shrift from many – quite a number are aiming to end their harvest today. It’s a misty start which doesn’t whisk away the overnight damp very easily, but slowly the sun starts to poke through. By lunchtime […]

harvest 2009 – thursday 17th sept

Fog and rain starts the day in Beaune – there is no morning picking at the home domaine. The report is that some growers in Marsannay have cancelled their plans to pick today. In the late-afternoon the home domaine grapes arrive from Vosne and Charmes-Chambertin – all are in very good shape. Like the previous […]

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