Why Big Red Diary?

Vintage 2008

2008 harvest, lowest since 2003…

A bookend on 2008 from the BIVB: The 2008 Burgundy harvest is down 5.3 % on the 2007 harvest, and 4.4% against the average of the past five years. It amounts to the equivalent of 193 million bottles for a virtually unchanged production area (-0.2 %) of 27,626 hectares. With the exception of the small […]

experimenting with harvest dates

A bit of fun from David Clark – will be interesting to follow….

arlaud vendanges photos (4) le fin…


The last picture selection from Mark: The first four pictures all coming off Bonnes Mares looking towards Morey: The last four are the team at the end ! Me bottom right front row in 111 & 112 next to Amy Winehouse look alike Sandrine. Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (3) birthday of serge…


Serge is in the grey hoodie pening the large format bottle and with the cake. Lovely man. The rest of the party are Herve Arlaud, Romain Arlaud (dark curly hair & plaster cast on wrist) and my domaine resident fellow vendangeurs including Sophie, la belge. Mark de Morey

arlaud vendanges photos (2)


More photos from Arlaud. These are all from our first day, 27/9, picking Bourgogne Rouge grapes below the RN74. Herve Ar;aud is the grey haired guy in pale polo shirt on the right in No 12. No 29 has one of the great larger than life characters amingst our crew, local Jean-Pierre Feral, with patron […]

arlaud vendanges photos (1)


Photos of cuverie and triage table. Very impressive new build modern set up – must have cost a bit. 3 or 4 yrs old. The fork lift takes the metal ‘tub’ from under the sorting table and is able to rotate it to tip the grapes into the tanks. In photo 20 Cyprien Arlaud is […]

arlaud vendanges – the reprise!

vendangeurs arrive - herve checks the register

‘Mark de Morey’ was eventually found – not at the bottom of the destemmer, rather with a full inbox in his Blackberry – de rigeur for pickers this year you know! Trying to fix both that and his cherished camera slowed him down a little, but unbowed, here’s the continuation of his story… Domaine Arlaud […]

wednesday 8th update

Posts on this are getting fewer and farther apart as the harvest is all-but completed. My home domaine reports that the Gevrey grand crus that were harvested at the beginning of this week exceeded expectation. The Latricières from this grower is frankly always ‘poor looking’ and this year a full 20% was discarded during triage […]

monday 6th update

It’s a little too early to check with the ‘home’ domaine, but I can provide you with the reports frm Domaine de la Vougeraie as I had some trouble getting them from the site: Tuesday 30th Wednedsay 1st Thursday 2nd A further update this tomorrow.

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