Why Big Red Diary?

Vintage 2005

Perfect Picking

We are most of the way through the Côte de Nuits harvest now – let’s say 90% complete – though given a good forecast not everyone is picking just yet. The weather has been great – except for the early morning pickers who get blue fingers due to the cold – the blue skies have […]

Now We Start

The sun is shining and yesterday’s breeze is today’s wind – the flags stand proud. Despite the sun, I didn’t see anybody in the (outdoor) hotel pool this morning – at 10:00am it was still 7°C! At the cuverie everything is ready; the table de trie is waiting, the plastic cases for the grapes stand […]

No Ill-Wind

I arrived today in Beaune with a car full of waterproof clothing – rain was forecast but thankfully never arrived – instead we had sun, 17°C and, if you were caught out in the open, a chilly breeze. It had rained a little the previous two days which is always a nightmare in the vineyards […]

A harvest report for 2005

This year the ‘ban des vendanges’ were set as follows: 12 Sept for the Côte de Beaune 15 Sept for the Côte de Nuits 17 Sept for the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune and Nuits So what can we expect? The base for this vintage is the cool July, the hot & dry August and the much-hoped-for […]

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