Why Big Red Diary?

Vintage 2003

Closing the door on 2003

So it’s 7:15pm on the 24th September, looking west past the cross on the corner of Romanée Saint-Vivant the sun is already gone. You need something against the chill – it’s about 12°C with a sneaky breeze. Despite all the vineyards around being harvested many days ago, there are so many grapes in the DRC […]

Sacrifice in Romanée-Conti

Plenty of domaines harvested in August but some left it until September. By the 12th 99% of the producers have finished, but for the Grand Cru’s of Vosne-Romanée, most still have lots of fruit on the vine, plenty also on the floor – as above in Romanée-Conti. The yields were pitiful with 2-3 small bunches […]

The Heat of 2003

Looking across La Tâche 25.07.2003 Already two months of close to 40°C and another month of the same still to endure – praying for a little rain? Still it’s a little cooler as we start September, but most vineyards are already cleared. It seems that some vineyards have problems; the increasing sugars and decreasing acidity […]

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