Why Big Red Diary?


burgundy forum

Burgundy Forum is here. I made a forum – I have to say, it was surprisingly painless to install. What won’t be painless, and will most likely take at least a week of part-time fiddling, will be my attempts to make it look like it fits to the site, rather than some techie add-on. Have fun, and note that there’s only one rule – be civil! Domaine names? I am warned from overseas today: Following are all the domain names and internet Keyword which are submitted by Matua company: 1. Domain names: Burgundy-report.net Burgundy-report.cn Burgundy-report.com.cn Burgundy-report.tw Burgundy-report.jp Burgundy-report.se Burgundy-report.ch Burgundy-report.es Burgundy-report.asia 2. Internet Keyword: Burgundy-report However, I can block them if I wish (it’s a small time window of-course) by buying them all myself…..