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let me just say, into a headwind – I guess that will be another wow…


Usain Bolt – wow. I just had the impression that he was working up for something special as his ‘starts’ were a far cry from the languid impression he gave whilst playing to the cameras and crowd. He also provides something fresh – he wants to set (mind-bending) records at major championships, rather than the […]

rn74 plus “sexy sulphides”

More on that departures board. Also here! And… Occasionally, say with a white burgundy, this is attractive – “sexy sulphides” a friend calls it. Screwcaps, Victoria Moore. The Guardian Note, that I cannot condone the use of the non-UIPAC spelling – it should be sulfides – even if I prefer the former… 😉

has the world gone mad(?)

Am I the only person in the world that’s totally bemused by this… er… er… tawdry ‘news item’… ‘thing’…(?) [Tell me if you can help with a more appropriate adjective…] “All of us at Matchbet are absolutely delighted to be working with Liv-ex, whose indices are the authoritative source of information about the state of […]

room service…

room service…

There’s nothing wrong with this as a business model. In fact, it makes a lot of financial sense. As well as paying to have their brand name on a door, sponsors provide the boutique hotel chain with free posters, maps and point-of-sale material. In return, they get at least one spot on the wine list. […]



No it isn’t the 1st of April: One recent, newsworthy project has been the identification of a compound responsible for pepperiness in Australian Shiraz. Called rotundone, it is found in lots of herbs and vegetables, and it’s incredibly potent. For example, just 5 mls of rotundone would be enough to make all wine in Australia […]


The nose doesn’t lie. When you smell something it passes straight into the brain without any intermediate processing. Unlike vision or hearing, olfaction is unmediated. It’s the real thing, and it works both ways: just as a scent on the air can take us back in time instantaneously and so often overwhelmingly as to be […]

beaujolais clichés…

beaujolais clichés…

Clichés, Eric Asimov. NY Times

bert visits a-c leflaive

Anne-Claude Leflaive with Bert

sherlock ponsot – on the case!


California’s Newest Cult Pinot Noir

Flying together: Rivers-Marie

Thomas Rivers Brown and his wife and business partner Genevieve Marie Walsh have quietly developed one of California’s most honored Pinot Noir labels: Rivers-Marie.  Although Brown crafts wine for at least twelve other wineries where the focus is Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, Rivers-Marie produces small lots of Pinot Noir from three vineyard sources in the […]

Michael Broadbent’s bicycle stolen – reward

Shock report – here

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