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[launch] üllo – wine purification?

[launch] üllo – wine purification?

Or maybe better – ‘sulfite removal’! I had some PR puff about this, and normally I avoid gizmos such as this, like the plague, but as a former research chemist I was interested in what the process might be. From the website and the linked Kickstarter page it probably works like an ion-exchange resin – i.e. similar in mode to the standard filter that you may use to make your water a little more palatable, assuming you live in a hard-water area; here in Europe Brita water filters are one of major brands. If the video is anything to go by, the filter works amazingly fast – so I expect it’s a mock-up – but I’d be really interested to see how ‘selective’ this ‘solution’ [….]

ze bag

ZeBaG A cool present for the one you love 😉

quality calling…

After more than 5 years of people asking, I finally got round to ordering some ‘calling cards’. I have to say, credit where credit is due; the quality is excellent – real letterpress printing – and the people and communication were first class. Mandate Press – look them up! Heading for a long weekend walking in the mountains – back Tuesday – probably!

a must-have – the quiver…

The Quiver

already writing a list to santa?

already writing a list to santa?

You know you wants it! [Gollum] “The Angelshare single-bottle cellar that special bottle of wine in its own temperature and humidity controlled time capsule for that special occasion in the future, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other significant event in your life or of those closest to you. The compact dimensions and elegant, understated design makes the single-bottle cellar a focal point in any setting and an ideal presentation package to treasure.”