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When even a (non-French) winemaker asks me what I mean by ‘agrumes’ in my tasting notes, then I realise that I’m using a ‘too Frenchie’ term in an Anglo-Saxon context, and I need to explain. I’ve added the following to my ‘Technical Glossary‘ page: Agrumes Agrume is the type of fruit that can range from […]

[launch] üllo – wine purification?

[launch] üllo – wine purification?

Or maybe better – ‘sulfite removal’! I had some PR puff about this, and normally I avoid gizmos such as this, like the plague, but as a former research chemist I was interested in what the process might be. From the website and the linked Kickstarter page it probably works like an ion-exchange resin – […]

wine faults seminar 15th may in london…

It seems that half a dozen places are still open for this seminar, so if you’re both interested and available, please directly email andrea.warren at btinternet.com “Pyrazine in the Burgundy: could it really be the ladybirds?” Bill Nanson has had derision and support from winemakers in almost equal measure for his theory about the ailment […]

poor padmé

Worth your time: Victoria Moore in the Telegraph Blake Grey in Palate Press – poor Padmé indeed! [Archived] Burgundy_ the wine that makes grown men cry – Telegraph Darth Vader is My Lover_ Revelations About Brettanomyces in Wine – Palate Press


Prompted by Mark over in our forum: If I was to do a “pyrazine masterclass”, one in Beaune, one in London (June!), who’d be interested to come? burgundy-report.com/forum/topic.ph… — bill nanson (@billnanson) Januar 14, 2013 Perhaps I should invent a ‘hashtag’ – #ladypyrazines anyone?

(2011) coccinelle

I’m not so naive that I didn’t expect that I might put a few noses out of joint with my vintage 2011 commentary. But I’m spending quite a bite of time fielding questions and having to justify myself – and to be honest it’s getting a bit too time consuming to keep up with, and […]

astounding scientific discoveries of great import to vougeot!

astounding scientific discoveries of great import to vougeot!

Okay, I know it’s blatent product placement – but today, at least, Boisset worked hard for it 😉 The secret of Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot revealed: Its taste comes from “moonstone” A mystical and mythical wine, at once full-bodied and with good minerality, the celebrated Vougeot Premier Cru Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot today […]

hi-tech ponsot…

a few new things

Perhaps worthy of your attention, I find the following: Berry Bros & Rudd have shown a real drive to ‘engage’ their customers and potential customers, not just by being the first with a new ‘offer’, but by blogging, twittering, U-tube-ing and who-knows what else. Their ‘blog’ was refreshing in that it was more ‘a day […]

newsday, saved by the cork…

It’s taking me 3 days to finish my most recent bottle, so I thought I might bring you all the news instead – though to start with, I didn’t find much! There is the Dr Vino non-story about reviewers being taken to lunch and more peripherally Mark Squires getting yet another vote for worst moderator […]

resveratol again

Chemistry & Industry, 22 December 2008

It seems mandatory that the word resveratol must be accompanied by hype and pseudo science in any article – particularly when seen in any of the ‘wine press’. From Chemistry and Industry Magazine is yet another optimistic vignette, but at least there is some ‘real’ science content: “Resveratol in wine has been hailed as the […]

vitis vinifera/pinot noir genome unravelled

The finished sequence is the work of a consortium of French and Italian researchers led by Patrick Wincker, a geneticist based at Genoscope — the French national genetic-sequencing facility in Evry. Full analysis of the more than 30,000 genes contained within the sequence could aid breeding strains with novel flavours or better pest resistance. Source […]

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