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NoteFinder – A Sneak Preview

I’m very happy with what I have sofar – my developer has done a great interpretation job. Unfortunately I have an even bigger ‘content’ job ahead of me. The NoteFinder links to lots of other potentially useful things such as appellation factsheets, producer websites and profiles within Burgundy-Report – and that’s not all! This all […]

Note Finder and Outages

It all seemed to be going so well – site was migrated, note-finder database coming along ‘swimmingly’ – all was well. Then last week my ‘hosters’ had some harddisk malfunctions and the site was gone for almost 2 days – then bits were missing and the stats still don’t work. Not really a fine start… […]

Update Page

This update page is now just-about up-to-scratch. Forward to the database for tasting notes (and more!) which is already running on a test-server – scary! Cheers, Bill

Phase 1 Success.

I’m sat in a lounge at the airport, and if you’re reading this, then the server-switch was a success – everything seems okay. Perhaps not a very challenging phase 1 then! Phase two is the database development, phase 3 is the implementation. I’ll get a few friends to roadtest (crash?) phase 3 as soon as […]

New Reference Pages – Burgundy’s Grapes

The page on Burgundy’s grape varieties is finally up here – it was a busy week, so quite slow progress. Had a meeting with the developers for my tasting-note finder – sounds easy – I just need a new web-host, to develop something in .NET and update it with microsoft access. All very easy apparently… […]

Feeds links

Finally got the feed links sorted out (I think!) – they weren’t working before as they should. It’s possible to see the updates via ‘feedburner’ or by-far the easiest route – but only if you use Firefox – is by clicking the feed icon which appears on the browser’s address-line (when you view the Burgundy-Report […]

New Reference Pages – Segmenting the Region

New page that segments by region the areas that together are called burgundy. Also updated (mainly style-wise) are the following: – Wine Making – A-Z of Appellations – The Map Resource – Weights & Measures – Profiled Producers That’s enough for today! Cheers

New Reference Pages – History

The history page is up and running – more of an almanac really. Am at the same time working on the databse info for the ‘Note Finder’ which should find a lot more than notes! Cheers, Bill

New Reference Pages – Introduction

8th April 2006. A short introduction with a few nice remarks from Neal Martin that I will probably expand at my (occasional) leisure. Cheers

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