Why Big Red Diary?

#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers visited in week 48, 2018

My 2017 White Burgundy report’s not quite ‘publishing ready’ yet, but it will hit the reports page in the next few days. That hasn’t stopped the red report visits, as you can see above, I lost three domaines this week due to timing-belt issues, but I’ve still more visits than ever before – partly the reason for delay in publishing, maybe I have to do less visits next year 🙂 – so I’m sure you won’t notice!

A Burgundy Report EXTRA! subscription costs 85 Swiss Francs per year.

One response to “#2017burgundyreport – the winemakers visited in week 48, 2018”

  1. Sycamore

    You do us just fine, Monsieur! This is the most authentic place online for what’s happening in Burgundy, and we’re grateful for it. May the car live another ___ Kms!….

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