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#2017burgundyreport – grisaille, boulevard repetitions and now some côte de nuits…

It’s a normal winter week in the Côtes – grey, and sometimes for good measure, with wet mixed into the grey. It’s not all that photogenic – particularly if you have to get wet whilst taking a grey photo! My trusty Subaru (now almost 370,000km since new!) seems to have developed a funny noise from the engine-bay – maybe a loose exhaust manifold? Anyway, fortunately it’s stable as I’ve no time to get it checked!

The temperatures are not all that cold – holding at about 7° – I hardly need my gloves for jogging, but as usual at this time of year, the best running routes are lost to the darkness, so endless repetitions of the Boulevard and other ‘lit’ areas are required – such is life!

In the cellars it is business as usual, of-course. 2017 being a much more interesting vintage than many who tasted early proclaimed. This is the first week that I’ve consistently starting entering into the Côte de Nuits – and the quality at the good addresses is more consistent than in the Côte de Beaune – at least with my small but growing sample. I’ve roughly 20 visits this week before a short weekend back home and then returning to the Côtes for more next week, and the week after!

Today a ‘trek’ south; to Rully, Mercurey and back home via Volnay…

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t quite work out like that today.

‘Cleaner’ weather for sure – indeed almost blue sky – but also a palpable lack of a Subaru – timing-belt was kaputt – and only 3 weeks after a service too! I could have continued driving, but then there would probably have been a destroyed engine – it was best to stop…

So, not only did I have to arrange for the car to be towed away, I had to cancel my trip to Rully, Mercurey and Volnay – but then the Volnay domaine came back to me – ‘Oh that’s okay – we can pick you up in Beaune!‘ Now how’s that for service? – and their wines were great too – what a relief!

5 responses to “#2017burgundyreport – grisaille, boulevard repetitions and now some côte de nuits…”

  1. Fred E

    The old Subaru has been through a lot, including a “carnapping.” Time to put it out to pasture? At some point, the repair cost is more than the post-repair value of the car.

    I bought a new Outback this year. The safety features are awesome.

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Sorry to hear that about the Scooby much loved by Beaune pigeons Bill but good/a relief, I assume, the engine hasn’t been ‘lunched’ ? Well done for stopping in time.

    Sorry 2 also I’m not still in Beaune to readily step in as your taxi driver – assuming that is Beaune’s hooligan drivers wouldn’t add to the GBP 436 damage already inflicted on my own car from my recent visit 🙁

    Hope you can continue your diary visit schedule without too much hassle but car & self available from 6th Dec for a quick scoot down to Beaune icon 😉

    P.S Who’s that supa Volnay domaine – think we should be told ?

  3. Mark in Pernand

    Hum, without research/checking, Pousse D’Or springs to mind 😉 . Who ever, well done them !

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