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week 1 2018 – the ‘chablisesque rogues’ gallery

A short first week in Chablis, but there’s two more weeks (plus a bit) to come. Here my first ‘rogues’ galley and already it’s clear that 2016 in Chablis is a fascinating vintage – already three distinct styles – and that’s with only 10 of 60 visits done!

Now recharging the batteries in Beaune for the weekend – cheers!

2 responses to “week 1 2018 – the ‘chablisesque rogues’ gallery”

  1. Fred E

    How big is 2016 production versus 2014 and 2015? Any data on 2017? I want to know whether to stock up on 2015 Chablis if 2016 and 2017 will be harder to find or more expensive.

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