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st.vincent – st.veran – 2018 27-28 january

If you are going to the St.Vincent for St.Veran tomorrow – in Prissey – you actually may not need an umbrella!

The Château du Clos de Vougeot has an exhibition of all the posters – the first poster was done in 1971 – but if you can’t make it, here they are in ‘micro-format!

3 responses to “st.vincent – st.veran – 2018 27-28 january”

  1. Sycamore

    Love it — what a great collage — thanks, Bill!

    An admitted complete non-sequitur, but enjoying a pretty singular wine this eve — 1990 Bouree Bonnes Mares. Wow — a privilege!

  2. Matt Monk

    Have just returned from St Vincent. What a great day (half), very well organised, good solid wine examples (though miss a red alternative to taste) good food, great transport in from Macon.

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