freddy mugnier’s 1999 chambolle

1999 Domaine Mugnier, Chambolle-Musigny
There was a time where I thought that half-bottles were useful for the cellar – a short-lived time, it must be said – and I bought a dozen of these halves. The first one or two were good, the rest were a disappointment. This is number 7, and it’s really the first for years that I’m actually enjoying. The nose has a silky feel and maybe a faint undertow of brett – but a long way from being overt or off-putting. In the mouth there’s good weight and plenty of pretty – if not yet delicious – flavour. I wine that’s pretty easy to drink and that’s always a good sign. Good wine, and one that’s perhaps turned the corner into something of much, much more interest.
Rebuy – Maybe

7 responses to “freddy mugnier’s 1999 chambolle”

  1. WEA Wines

    Do you think it could be because of the vintage?

  2. bmcq

    99s have had a long “dumb” phase in my experience. I’m still waiting on a few.

  3. malcolmadam

    Hi Bill, interested in your comment on half bottles as I prefer not having to finish a whole one every time. Was the problem one of impracticality or was there a performance issue with wines in halfs?

    Thanks, Malcolm

  4. malcolmadam

    Thanks Bill that’s reassuring; and raised a chuckle. Have you found the answer to the universe ie how to increase capacity without diminishing health? Now THAT is interesting!


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