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a mid-week malconsorts…

The last of my small cache – 3 excellent bottles and a less good bottle – the previous one.

In this 2001 vintage Camille Giroud bought a couple of half-finished wines, post-malo, but still in barrel – both from the same source. The other wine was a single barrel of Romanée St.Vivant – of which I also have some left, but with the original seller’s label – Nicolas Potel. This was a time of cash-flow issues for the quickly growing Potel business, which in the first instance caused Nicolas to look for sources of finance, hence, some barrel sales. We know only too well what happened to his business in later years.

But back to this wine:

2001 Camille Giroud, Vosne-Romanée 1er Aux Malconsorts
Directly this is clearly head and shoulders above the performance of my last ‘problematic’ bottle. The nose has both freshness and aromatic clarity, plus there’s a fine complexity – more impressive still is the faintly spiced depth of bloody, cherry-fruit – it’s a beautiful invitation. Wide, good freshness and a growing intensity of flavour – peaking in the mid-palate before a nicely tongue-staining, steely, mineral finishing impression. Simply an excellent wine from an excellent vineyard. That’s double-excellent! The last half-pour from the bottle is unavoidably cloudy – normally I’ve no problem with this, but on this occasion the taste simply isn’t as good as the rest – it’s the most minor of complaints…
Rebuy – Yes – if only you could!

4 responses to “a mid-week malconsorts…”

  1. Claude Kolm

    Bill — It’s unclear about the RSV. Was that also 2001?

  2. Claude Kolm

    Thanks and sorry — I was skimming and so missed the connection.

    Do you have any experience with the Potel bottlings of these wines? (I see that I only have a single bottle of Potel in 2001, and it’s not either of these two. I guess his wines weren’t widely available in the Bay Area for that vintage.)

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