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a lesson in pruning musigny…

Eric Bourgogne of de Vogüé graciously gave me a lesson in pruning in Musigny today – it’s impressive the attention to detail that Eric has; quickly removing spare buds and generally tidying the ‘pieds’ and spotting the camouflaged caterpillars. I think it was probably a good idea that he never actually handed me the secateurs!

Two things to note as they come to the end of their pruning; despite the cold snap in January, -10°C doesn’t seem to have dissuaded the caterpillars (pictured) that eat the buds of the vine – in some plots Eric has rarely seen so many. Also I could easily see the difficulties of both pruning and training the vines due to last spring’s frost – not all, but close to one in 10, of the cordon trained vines (one baguette) are very difficult to train in the required directions. It seems much easier in the vines which have the double cordons – which is about two thirds of de Vogüés plantings…

4 responses to “a lesson in pruning musigny…”

  1. Mike Golub

    Great shots! He removes the caterpillars by hand? Biological controls are available.Do you know the
    yield per acre?

  2. Liam Cabot

    Hi Bill, are they de Vogue double Guyot (almost spur?) vines in the background in the photo back to the Chateau? The soil treatment looks very different – just curious? Liam

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